Wonder Why “They” Are Winning – Here’s ONE Reason!

You would think that in the effort to get rid of the sex offender registry in Florida which has lifetime registry with NO WAY of being removed that an organization such as the Florida Action Committee would welcome anyone willing to get the word out about the inhuman and horrendous treatment and conditions that registered sex offenders face in not only Florida but nation wide – Right? Well organizations all have their own agendas and the Florida Action Committee is no different unfortunately.

Why do I both to write a post about this? Because they are oddly “picky” about the information they allow posted on their site. In particular I have had many of my comments on that site’s discussion area censored or even deleted! Shocking as my goal is the same goal that they claim to have which is to assist those unfortunate enough to be registered as “sex offenders” in the rather crazy state of Florida and the ultimate goal of the reform of this unjust and un-American hateful listing!

The blog you are currently reading has only one purpose and that it is to bring to light the real motives behind not only the Florida sex offender registry but ALL sex offender registries and to shine a light on what their real function is – spreading fear and manipulating the masses with the lies told about the need and effectiveness of such registries.

I am sorry to say that even organizations such the Florida Action Committee who are fighting for registry reform doesn’t appreciate the help and assistance from someone such as myself who is a private citizen using my own time and money with the only goal of ending this unfair, illegal, and un-American travesty that does NOTHING to protect children and has caused untold misery (including vigilantes using the registry to target and murder those listed) to those punished for life by being listed  (I know because I am innocent and yet have been forced to be listed like a dog for the past 20 years with no possibility to being taken off – how un-American is that)! 

I will continue to fight the registry and the lies it represents until the truth is recognized by all and it is ended as the barbaric punishment that it is.



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