While in office president Obama had the opportunity of to take a stand for freedom and the long held belief that ALL Americans who have paid their debt to society deserve a second chance. Although it is clear that the United States constitution prohibits this bastardization of the most basic travel document that is REQUIRED for international travel and that the ability to travel is a universal human right (except in the United States formerly know as “the land of the free”) it did not stop Obama from figuratively flushing that document down the toilet and betraying his oath of office!

Here is what the mark looks like in an actual United States passport. It is located toward the end of the passport on page 27. The quote at the top of that page is:

The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, a party or a class – it is the cause of humankind, the very birthright of humanity.” Anna Julia Cooper

Isn’t rather insulting that the quote concerning freedom being the “very birthright of humanity” should have this insulting mark to pervert the actual message of Anna Julia Cooper! The only time that a nation’s passport has been altered was in Nazi Germany when a eerily similar identifier in the passport of Jews and homosexuals to segregate them from the rest of the citizens.

The world remembers how tragically that turned out and now the US government is doing the same thing to a small demonized group deemed as “undesirable” second class citizens aka “sex offenders” – so it clear that the US government is not concerned with freedom for this artificially created class of citizens FORCED to carry the label of “sex offender”! Thanks to president Obama for taking away this fundamental right of so many American citizens who have fully paid their debt to society and yet are never allowed to be truly free. How un-American and shocking! How sad for the country that once stood as an example of freedom for the world…no longer!

US Passport with un-American identifier thanks to former president Obama

US Passport with un-American identifier thanks to former president Obama

Here is a closeup of the actual stamp on page 27 of this altered United States passport.

US Passport with un-American identifier thanks to traitor US president Obama

US Passport with un-American identifier thanks to US president Obama