Ron and Lauren Book - We See Predators Everywhere. All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers!

The Ron Book’s Comedy Special – Greatest Hits

The Books are a pair in Florida who have made a living off his daughter being molested by someone he hired. Someone by the way who was NOT listed on any useless registry but just as nearly ALL sex offences on children was done by someone the victim knew.

Here is more of that evil prick Ron Book and his daughter Lauren Book spewing their hate filled rhetoric. Here are some of assorted appearances where you can view these hate mongers for yourself… Watch them lie time and time again.

Watch this scumbag lie…over and over and over…


Watch him point to dots on a map showing where so-called “sex offenders” live when the reality is that HALF THE PEOPLE on the Florida sex offender registry DO NOT EVEN LIVE IN FLORIDA! Hey Ronney – How’s that FACT for ya? Kind of negates any BULLSHIT about the registry being a tool to check on sex offenders in your neighborhood – YES it does. But you have never let reality or pesky things like facts get in your way have you Ronney…Nope, not in your hate-filled world. The lies just keep on flowing from your mouth like so much verbal diarrhea.

Head in the sand - Wake UP!

Americans And “Magical Thinking”

Sex offender laws are not based in reality at all. Sex offender registries are not based in reality either. Are Americans simply stupid or is something else going on which causes them to ignore facts for a magical reality of safety which studies and data and facts totally disprove? It turns out that magical thinking is as american as apple pie and Disneyland!

Here is a great article which details the reason americans are so easy to fool with fake news and fake reality. It’s baked into the country from the start! Scary stuff but necessary to understand if we are going to make the changes that must be made and stop the unnecessary destruction of live and outright torture of American citizens because of this “magical thinking” and how it has led us into the mess we currently have with sex offender laws and explains why instead of using reason and making effective changes to these laws they simply get worse year after year as the country continues to slip further and further away from reason and reality itself!

Read this great article and share it with others:

Why Are Americans Susceptible to Magical Thinking?

Head in the sand - Wake UP!

Las Vegas Tragedy – Wake Up Call

The tragic event in Las Vegas should be a wakeup call to those in law enforcement and politics who exploit fear with the sex offender registry…YOU are the ones putting American lives in harm’s way with your lies and diversionary tactics using sex offenders!

Those labelled as sex offenders are used for the fear factor and provide a false sense of security. We are easy to count…track…restrict and abuse so everyone feels like there is some “control” in the world.

This shows that there is no control. There is no absolute safety and all the efforts to keep the illusion up fail.

Just think of the horror the general public would have if they faced this reality. Putting so called sex offenders on a list do NOTHING AT ALL to increase safety…just the illusion of control.

If law enforcement would concentrate on preventing actual CRIME and those who might commit it instead of wasting time, money, and resources watching former sex offenders who statistically have a tiny reoffence rate perhaps those people would be alive today…the point is that the sex offender registry is a waste of resources and exists ONLY for political exploitation and NOT child safety!

Need to use actual facts when making decisions about other people's lives!

The Supreme Court’s Sex Offender Jurisprudence Is Based on a Proven LIE

Subject to registration, residency restrictions, and literally hundreds of other constricting laws, the 800,000 people on America’s sex-offender registries are by far the most policed population in our country.

That’s right…the ultimate Gods of an American citizen’s life…aka…the “Supreme Court of the United States of America” makes life and death decisions that you must obey so you would think they actually take the time to use real facts and not fake news as the basises for their ruling but you would be wrong. Very wrong in fact and you will be shocked to find out where they get their fake data…Keep reading for some long overdue truth!

No…they are not impartial but like everything associated with the government they have an agenda and it is not about justice, fairness, or even following the constitution.

The Supreme Court’s Sex-Offender Jurisprudence Is Based on a Lie

Perhaps they will stop drinking their own purple kool aid and start using actual facts and not made up statistics that were used for this ruling. Instead of actually working on one of the few cases they people actually bother to review, they simply used MAKE OF DATA from a single source and that source for the vital data used in derteriming hundreds of thousands of American’s fate was – Psychology Today magazine that’s right…let that sink in…the Supreme Court Of the United States of America got their information from fake data published in a pop psychology magazine! This was used to make ruling that are actively destroying other’s lives. You can’t make this shit up folk!


Useless Old Cunts who make decisions about your life!

They sleep just fine at night regardless uncaring about how many lives they destroy with their incompetence!