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#metoo And The Florida Sex Offender Registry

The advent of the #metoo phenomenon has caught most of the public by surprise. Not us registered on a useless list because we understand very well that the real sex offenders are NOT on any list/registry! No – just as I have said and statistics prove and confirm time and time again, the one most likely to be a sexual abuser is a person the victim already knows!

The sexual abuse in Hollywood was not done by anyone on a sex offender list. It was done by men and women of great respect and all their victims knew them. Hiding in plain sight but still not on a list. Clearly the myth that sex offender registries work is proven false and they only provide the public with a false sense of security leaving the door wide open for this sort of abuse.

Hopefully these revelations in Hollywood will provide a role model for the entire country and will follow the lead and concentrate on the real sex offenders and not the men and women who have made a mistake or been entrapped or took a bad plea bargain instead of going to trial or even totally innocent and just caught in a system impossible to get out of!

The point is that the sex offender registry doesn’t do what it was claimed it would do – show where dangerous people are living. Half of the people listed on the Florida registry do not even live in the state! How is listing those people keeping kids safe? A huge majority of them are listed for things that happened decades ago and the registered citizen has not have so much as a parking ticket – yet is listed – why? So clutter up the list with people who have never had the opportunity to get off because it is for LIFE! How stupid were the designers of this Florida law? It’s not even effective and actually becomes worse as time goes by. Crazy – other states at least have a way to get unlisted after 5, 10, 20 years which allows at least some to get off although way too long but still better than Florida’s absurd lifetime registry for anything!

So as you can see 75% of those currently listed on the Florida sex offender registry should not be listed. By being there they simple divert attention from the ones that truly might be in need of monitoring and still this list should be only available to law enforcement. As it stands right now it is a cruel and unusual punishment and indeed it is public shaming and punishment.

Let’s make changes for everyone. Let’s admit the registry is flawed by design and that these design flaws of constant growth and inaccurate numbers are just a few of the most obvious flaws of many. The false sense of security it creates is simply unforgivable! How can they tell parents this is keeping their kids safer when that is a bold faced lie! They know it is so they are deliberately and with no regard for your child’s safety simply lying to you and manipulating you with fear when it is not the truth. Some one the victim already knows is statistically the one who is going to be the abuser – Face that ugly fact.

Need to use actual facts when making decisions about other people's lives!

The Supreme Court’s Sex Offender Jurisprudence Is Based on a Proven LIE

Subject to registration, residency restrictions, and literally hundreds of other constricting laws, the 800,000 people on America’s sex-offender registries are by far the most policed population in our country.

That’s right…the ultimate Gods of an American citizen’s life…aka…the “Supreme Court of the United States of America” makes life and death decisions that you must obey so you would think they actually take the time to use real facts and not fake news as the basises for their ruling but you would be wrong. Very wrong in fact and you will be shocked to find out where they get their fake data…Keep reading for some long overdue truth!

No…they are not impartial but like everything associated with the government they have an agenda and it is not about justice, fairness, or even following the constitution.

The Supreme Court’s Sex-Offender Jurisprudence Is Based on a Lie

Perhaps they will stop drinking their own purple kool aid and start using actual facts and not made up statistics that were used for this ruling. Instead of actually working on one of the few cases they people actually bother to review, they simply used MAKE OF DATA from a single source and that source for the vital data used in derteriming hundreds of thousands of American’s fate was – Psychology Today magazine that’s right…let that sink in…the Supreme Court Of the United States of America got their information from fake data published in a pop psychology magazine! This was used to make ruling that are actively destroying other’s lives. You can’t make this shit up folk!


Useless Old Cunts who make decisions about your life!

They sleep just fine at night regardless uncaring about how many lives they destroy with their incompetence!


Sex Offender Truth:

You Have Been Lied Too – Everything you have been told about sex offenders and the registry are lies!

Sex Offender Truth LInks

It’s way past time to set the record straight and even though the political machine has more resources to lie with we have more than that – we have the TRUTH!

The lies and emotional manipulation must stop…not just for justice but to get back to what America once was all about – OPPORTUNITY

Where everyone would have the opportunity at a second chance. Why are those labelled “sex offenders” not given that second chance?

If you have done your time and paid your “debt to society” AND have been deemed to pose no risk to the public then why are you on a registry?

Why are you not given the same chance as a murder or a drug dealer…that’s right, they are allowed to rejoin society when a so called “sex offender” may have been peeing in a park and no second chance? Really? Is this America? This is not very American now is it?

You will find out why Washington and local government want this registry and it is NOT to protect you – it is manipulate you with emotional fear of perceived danger.

In fact, rather than make you safer as claimed the registry actually has the opposite effect and actually gives you a false sense of security. Does that sound like it is done to protect children or manipulate parents with fear…