Head in the sand - Wake UP!

Americans And “Magical Thinking”

Sex offender laws are not based in reality at all. Sex offender registries are not based in reality either. Are Americans simply stupid or is something else going on which causes them to ignore facts for a magical reality of safety which studies and data and facts totally disprove? It turns out that magical thinking is as american as apple pie and Disneyland!

Here is a great article which details the reason americans are so easy to fool with fake news and fake reality. It’s baked into the country from the start! Scary stuff but necessary to understand if we are going to make the changes that must be made and stop the unnecessary destruction of live and outright torture of American citizens because of this “magical thinking” and how it has led us into the mess we currently have with sex offender laws and explains why instead of using reason and making effective changes to these laws they simply get worse year after year as the country continues to slip further and further away from reason and reality itself!

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Why Are Americans Susceptible to Magical Thinking?