Sex Offender Truth:

Florida Sex Offender Registry – Fake Numbers and Fake “News”

Florida prides itself on the large number of RSOs in the state (it is currently number 3) but the reality is this: The numbers are just fake news and outright lies!

Over half of those listed on the Florida state sex offender registry do NOT EVEN LIVE IN FLORIDA!

Of the small amount who do live within the state of Florida MOST should not be listed at all because they do NOT present ANY danger to the public at all! Everything from totally victim-less crimes, online stings, sex of the beach, you name it!

Most do not know these simple facts. They fear everyone as if they are dangerous when that is NOT the truth – it is a lie told by law enforcement and the state of Florida and it’s “leaders” such as Senator Lauren Book!

The government is no stranger to using propaganda to manipulate the masses. Whether it is using patriotism or emotions. What better way than to exploit the natural instinct to protect their child! So taking a page directly from the Nazi handbook, low level sex offenders (victim-less crimes) are demonized right along with actual sexual predators (actually victims involved) and used as scapegoats!

Sex Offender Truth - Stop The Lies!

Government and law enforcement use this technique to manipulate the general public all the time…especially with sex offenders

By exploiting/praying on parent’s innate/natural drive to “protect” their offspring at ALL costs (including the denial of reality) the government created a “boogeyman” called sex offenders.

You are told these dangerous individuals are lurking everywhere…the problem is that it is all a total LIE told NOT to protect children BUT to create diversion! By keeping parents in a constant state of fear and then making and claiming that the sex offender registry will show where these monsters are and you just avoid them.

Sounds logical perhaps but it doesn’t work and it gets worse…it actually creates diverts attention from those most likely to victimize a child – Someone the child or family already knows – NOT a stranger!

Politicians like Lauren Book and her daddy lobbyist  Ron Book (can you guess what he lobbies for) have made a career out of her being a “professional” victim. This pair seem to have nothing found the golden goose in spreading their hate mongering in Florida. So sad that the public is fed lies by these 2 and that by believing these lies are actually putting their children and grandchildren at greater risk. Public servant – Right! Not Lauren Book

Ron and Lauren Book - We See Predators Everywhere. All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers!

All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers

Get the truth and educate others who have swallowed the lies told by the state of Florida and demand that the registry either be abolished OR at the very least allow those who do not need to be monitored a way off of this Un-American hateful list!

Ron and Lauren Book - We See Predators Everywhere. All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers!

The Ron Book’s Comedy Special – Greatest Hits

The Books are a pair in Florida who have made a living off his daughter being molested by someone he hired. Someone by the way who was NOT listed on any useless registry but just as nearly ALL sex offences on children was done by someone the victim knew.

Here is more of that evil prick Ron Book and his daughter Lauren Book spewing their hate filled rhetoric. Here are some of assorted appearances where you can view these hate mongers for yourself… Watch them lie time and time again.

Watch this scumbag lie…over and over and over…


Watch him point to dots on a map showing where so-called “sex offenders” live when the reality is that HALF THE PEOPLE on the Florida sex offender registry DO NOT EVEN LIVE IN FLORIDA! Hey Ronney – How’s that FACT for ya? Kind of negates any BULLSHIT about the registry being a tool to check on sex offenders in your neighborhood – YES it does. But you have never let reality or pesky things like facts get in your way have you Ronney…Nope, not in your hate-filled world. The lies just keep on flowing from your mouth like so much verbal diarrhea.

American Flag -

Labels Dehumanize: “Sex Offender” is the New “Nigger”

The label “nigger” is very offense! It is offensive because it lumps an entire group of people into a narrow stereotype and ignores individuals. Clearly ALL stereotyping is wrong – it’s 2018 and it should not exist for any group at this point in human history – ESPECIALLY in the United States where ALL MEN are created equal!

Question: But if it’s wrong then why was/is it used? Why Why??

Answer:  It was used to make hating easier. It was used because it is easier to hate a group than than see members of that group as individuals and still hate them.

This is the same exact reason the generic label/term “sex offender” is used:  To strip individuals of their identity by creating a faceless group just as the term “nigger” was used to dehumanize blacks.

This is how it works (political leaders know this well):

Step 1: Create a label for a group and force people into it with no regard to their individual circumstances.

Step 2: Lump ALL people convicted of so-called “sex crimes” (anything from a victim-less “crime” such as peeing in public to a violent rape) together and then use the label “sex offender” to lump all those labelled individuals together into a generic group. Peeing and Rape – NOT quite the same are they and yet BOTH individuals are demonized/vilified and hated equally! That is the very definition of stereotyping and profiling!

Step 3:  Use this group as a political tool to spread hate and pass useless laws to further PUNISH and demonize ALL the individuals in the group with public shaming.

Just as the “N-word” is inappropriate because it turns the individual into a faceless stereotype, so to is the equally non-sense, stereotype, and generic term “sex offender.”

Lauren Book - Professional Victim and hate monger

Lauren Book – Professional Victim and hate monger

It is time to stop hate mongers like Florida Senator Lauren Book from spreading her hate on a generic group comprised of individuals she has never met and knows nothing about except as a tool to further her political career! Let’s wipe this sort of stereotyping out and treat ALL American citizens as individuals. Especially those who have paid their debt to society and are just trying to get a fair shake in getting back on track which used to be the American way!

This sort of prejudice through stereotyping and profiling is unacceptable in 2018 – hate mongers like Lauren Book and all the other opportunistic parasitic politicians who use these unconstitutional manipulation techniques to spread their hate and punish American citizens they have never met and know nothing about. Is this what America has become?

Individuals matter and each should be looked at from a case to case basis and not lumped together as a faceless group! As you have read on this site, government doesn’t want that to happen. Sex offenders are a great pawn for them to manipulate the public with so it wants to keep the faceless group so it is easier to hate which they can use their advantage in control.

Not all of those labeled as sex offenders are guilty of any offense that requires them to be highly monitored AFTER THEY HAVE PAID THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY and are not on any probation. They should be removed from the registry at the very least if deemed to be no threat. To keep those who should not be listed on the registry is destroying lives of those who have not hurt anyone and should be given a second chance as all others are given. It’s just not the American way to keep people down as second class citizens for life with no chance or hope of things improving…how would you feel?

We Didn’t Start This WAR But We Will Finish it

If the government artificially creates a class of citizens as punishment and then actively and consciously demonizes that new sub-class, is the government responsible for the murders of that created class? Yes

The government did just that and the label “sex offender” was created as a new sub-class that one was not BORN into but was PUT into by the government justice department. The class was demonized as vile and unworthy of living with “decent” citizens. These citizens were to be made an example of by the government to show the other citizens just what power it had to destroy lives with no consideration of the individual.

If the government publishes the addresses of these demonized citizens along with their photos, where they work (if they can find a job with the label), what kind of car they drive (if they can afford a car), and every other detail of their lives and that information is used by someone to abuse/murder is the government responsible – again of course the answer is Yes So war is being wagged against a group that the government has intentionally crippled by taking away rights to housing, getting a job of any sort, and actively demonizing them in the public eye is giving information to killers just in case they don’t freeze to death or are killed in a storm because they are not allowed to be with the general public and given shelter.

Ok, so let’s not blame the entire government as that is a just a concept anyway BUT it is comprised of individuals. Sex offender registries are designed to lump everyone given that classification/label into one group. There is no regard for individuals but the fallacy is just as with the government the group is just a concept and not real. I will not generalize as the government has chosen to do – or should I say SOME INDIVIDUALS (such as professional victim and hate monger:  Lauren Book) working in government have chosen to do.

So who are these individuals working for the people who are responsible for this artificially created demonized class and what is their motivation?


Two such individuals are Ron Book and his hate filled daughter senator Lauren Book who is a “professional victim” and has made a career out of being abused by someone NOT on a registry list. Now, years later, Ron and Lauren are themselves abusing others only they are doing it out of HATE!

Lauren Book - Professional Victim and hate monger

Lauren Book – Professional Victim and hate monger


This is what happens when evil people are in power. They are using a tragic event as justification for revenge. Not revenge on the SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who actually was involved but hateful and petty revenge on an entire group of people they have never met and know nothing about!

Who is the real abuser now? I would say without hesitation that it is Lauren Book and Ron Book. These 2 hate filled assholes must derive some twisted satisfaction and pleasure from the systematic revengeful abuse that they are actively involved in tormenting individuals and families (including children) none of whom they have ever met and know NOTHING about!

Ron and Lauren Book - We See Predators Everywhere

All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers