Ron Book seen in this Florida mug shot was arrested driving his Lamborghini drunk and endangering children's lives! February 25, 2019

Asshole - Ron Book gets booked for DUI (Hope he insured his crashed Lamborghini)!

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Ron Book aka Ronald Lee Book (daddy of Florida Senator Lauren Book) never looked better! Such a warm caring humanitarian...not only does he have poor parenting skills but appears to be an irresponsible driver as well! Note to Ron: People like…
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Florida sheriff's deputy kills 3 family members and himself

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Just another day in the Sunshine state! As we all know Florida is one of the last states to have LIFE TIME REGISTRATION (unconstitutional and very illegal) for those labelled with the meaningless label of "sex offender" and those unfortunate…
Sex Offender Truth:

Florida Sex Offender Registry - Fake Numbers and Fake "News"

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Florida prides itself on the large number of RSOs in the state (it is currently number 3) but the reality is this: The numbers are just fake news and outright lies!Over half of those listed on the Florida state sex offender registry do NOT…
Ron and Lauren Book - We See Predators Everywhere. All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers!

The Ron Book's Comedy Special - Greatest Hits

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The Books are a pair in Florida who have made a living off his daughter being molested by someone he hired. Someone by the way who was NOT listed on any useless registry but just as nearly ALL sex offences on children was done by someone the…

Labels Dehumanize: "Sex Offender" is the New "Nigger"

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The label "nigger" is very offense! It is offensive because it lumps an entire group of people into a narrow stereotype and ignores individuals. Clearly ALL stereotyping is wrong - it's 2018 and it should not exist for any group at this point…

We Didn't Start This WAR But We Will Finish it

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If the government artificially creates a class of citizens as punishment and then actively and consciously demonizes that new sub-class, is the government responsible for the murders of that created class? Yes The government did just that and…