Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best - LIE

Rick Scott Is Getting a Boost From a Private Prison Company. (All that Botox in his forehead can’t be cheap)!

Since sex offender registries have been proven to not work why are politicians so eager to push them and the associated lies about them on the public? As with most things dealing with corrupt government officials all you need to do is follow the MONEY.

NO it’s not from the new season of “Orange is the New Black” but it could be!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best - LIE

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best – LIE

Not so surprising that he wants to keep the Florida sex offender registry growing and even keeping those who have moved out of the state (or even died) still listed despite the claim that the registry is used to allow the public to check to see sex offenders near them! So even though the registry does nothing whatsoever to help keep Florida children safe then what does it do? It provides an easy way for the state to make money! With no way off the registry and endlessly complicated and illogical requirements designed to be impossible to follow and assure that the Florida low enforcement have and endless supply of easy “low hanging fruit” to abuse, harass, and ultimately rearrest to give the false appearance that they are being “tough on crime” and that so-called “sex offenders” need constant monitoring – what utter bullshit!

Florida Governor Rick Scott and his cronies such as Senator Lauren Book are the real criminals who should not be on a registry but simply locked up (hopefully in one of the private prisons for profit)!

Here is the entire article and all the sickening details about the connection between prisons for profit and Florida Governor Rick Scott!


Sex Offender Truth:

Florida Sex Offender Registry – Fake Numbers and Fake “News”

Florida prides itself on the large number of RSOs in the state (it is currently number 3) but the reality is this: The numbers are just fake news and outright lies!

Over half of those listed on the Florida state sex offender registry do NOT EVEN LIVE IN FLORIDA!

Of the small amount who do live within the state of Florida MOST should not be listed at all because they do NOT present ANY danger to the public at all! Everything from totally victim-less crimes, online stings, sex of the beach, you name it!

Most do not know these simple facts. They fear everyone as if they are dangerous when that is NOT the truth – it is a lie told by law enforcement and the state of Florida and it’s “leaders” such as Senator Lauren Book!

The government is no stranger to using propaganda to manipulate the masses. Whether it is using patriotism or emotions. What better way than to exploit the natural instinct to protect their child! So taking a page directly from the Nazi handbook, low level sex offenders (victim-less crimes) are demonized right along with actual sexual predators (actually victims involved) and used as scapegoats!

Sex Offender Truth - Stop The Lies!

Government and law enforcement use this technique to manipulate the general public all the time…especially with sex offenders

By exploiting/praying on parent’s innate/natural drive to “protect” their offspring at ALL costs (including the denial of reality) the government created a “boogeyman” called sex offenders.

You are told these dangerous individuals are lurking everywhere…the problem is that it is all a total LIE told NOT to protect children BUT to create diversion! By keeping parents in a constant state of fear and then making and claiming that the sex offender registry will show where these monsters are and you just avoid them.

Sounds logical perhaps but it doesn’t work and it gets worse…it actually creates diverts attention from those most likely to victimize a child – Someone the child or family already knows – NOT a stranger!

Politicians like Lauren Book and her daddy lobbyist  Ron Book (can you guess what he lobbies for) have made a career out of her being a “professional” victim. This pair seem to have nothing found the golden goose in spreading their hate mongering in Florida. So sad that the public is fed lies by these 2 and that by believing these lies are actually putting their children and grandchildren at greater risk. Public servant – Right! Not Lauren Book

Ron and Lauren Book - We See Predators Everywhere. All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers!

All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers

Get the truth and educate others who have swallowed the lies told by the state of Florida and demand that the registry either be abolished OR at the very least allow those who do not need to be monitored a way off of this Un-American hateful list!

Exposing the truth about registered sex offenders from government lies -

#metoo And The Florida Sex Offender Registry

The advent of the #metoo phenomenon has caught most of the public by surprise. Not us registered on a useless list because we understand very well that the real sex offenders are NOT on any list/registry! No – just as I have said and statistics prove and confirm time and time again, the one most likely to be a sexual abuser is a person the victim already knows!

The sexual abuse in Hollywood was not done by anyone on a sex offender list. It was done by men and women of great respect and all their victims knew them. Hiding in plain sight but still not on a list. Clearly the myth that sex offender registries work is proven false and they only provide the public with a false sense of security leaving the door wide open for this sort of abuse.

Hopefully these revelations in Hollywood will provide a role model for the entire country and will follow the lead and concentrate on the real sex offenders and not the men and women who have made a mistake or been entrapped or took a bad plea bargain instead of going to trial or even totally innocent and just caught in a system impossible to get out of!

The point is that the sex offender registry doesn’t do what it was claimed it would do – show where dangerous people are living. Half of the people listed on the Florida registry do not even live in the state! How is listing those people keeping kids safe? A huge majority of them are listed for things that happened decades ago and the registered citizen has not have so much as a parking ticket – yet is listed – why? So clutter up the list with people who have never had the opportunity to get off because it is for LIFE! How stupid were the designers of this Florida law? It’s not even effective and actually becomes worse as time goes by. Crazy – other states at least have a way to get unlisted after 5, 10, 20 years which allows at least some to get off although way too long but still better than Florida’s absurd lifetime registry for anything!

So as you can see 75% of those currently listed on the Florida sex offender registry should not be listed. By being there they simple divert attention from the ones that truly might be in need of monitoring and still this list should be only available to law enforcement. As it stands right now it is a cruel and unusual punishment and indeed it is public shaming and punishment.

Let’s make changes for everyone. Let’s admit the registry is flawed by design and that these design flaws of constant growth and inaccurate numbers are just a few of the most obvious flaws of many. The false sense of security it creates is simply unforgivable! How can they tell parents this is keeping their kids safer when that is a bold faced lie! They know it is so they are deliberately and with no regard for your child’s safety simply lying to you and manipulating you with fear when it is not the truth. Some one the victim already knows is statistically the one who is going to be the abuser – Face that ugly fact.

Brevard County Deputy Nicholas Worthy, Florida Officer of the year for 2016 arrested

Florida’s Officer of The Year For 2016 Arrested…

While the police are wasting time harassing American citizens who have paid their debt to society, they honor and kiss each others asses with awards to individuals such as this. Kind of scary that if THIS sort is the cream of the crop then imagine what some of the other deviants hide behind badges! Scary indeed!

From the article:

A former U.S. Army Ranger who won the Florida Sheriffs Association’s 2016 “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” award has been fired from his job as a deputy after authorities found feces, guns, drugs and assorted garbage strewn about his “absolutely disgusting” home.

Bevard County Deputy Nicholas Worthy and his live-in girlfriend, Rachel Trexler, were arrested Thursday after police searched the Rockledge property where they lived with their 2-year-old child and three dogs.

“The house was in complete disarray. There was dog feces all over the house, there were firearms, ammunition, other types of trash and food,” said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. “Also found was a small amount of drugs that was inside the home and inside a vehicle.”

The arrest and charges are a stunning fall from grace for Worthy, a native of the area who joined the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in 2012 following a tour in Afghanistan two years earlier. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal of Valor for his actions overseas, the Florida Sheriffs Association said.


Read more about the sickening details of this model Policeman here…


Money wasted monitoring sex offenders might have prevented this!

Watching ALL Those Sex Offenders in Florida Sure Are Keeping Kids Safe – NO

The 17 kids killed today were not killed by a strange OR a sex offender. They were killed by another kid…someone they knew…just like the 98% of kids abused.

It is a horrific event but the sad truth is that Florida is wasting precious resources monitoring people who do not commit further crimes – so called “sex offenders! If those resources had been allocated to do real police work then perhaps this terrible event (or the next one) could have been prevented!

Money wasted monitoring sex offenders might have prevented this!

Money wasted monitoring sex offenders might have prevented this!

The simple fact is that sex offender laws are just “feel good” laws but in reality do nothing except provide a “whipping boy” to publicly shame and punish again and again and again – you can see why they call these ever harsher laws punishing sex offenders as “feel good” laws! Outrageous – As you have been shown in many examples on this website exactly why government and law enforcement don’t care about your kids – this is just one more example!

Demand change and get rid of wasteful and useless sex offender bullshit registries as the unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishments that they are! Concentrate on actual criminals and not just the ones that professional victims and hate mongers like Lauren Book tell you to hate! Let your representative know you want this waste stopped.


Lauren Book - Professional Victim and hate monger

Lauren Book – Professional Victim and hate monger

If the money wasted on the un-American sex offender registry (which has not saved 1 kid) had been put to better use who know…we never will know if this or the next tragedy but one thing is for certain and that is that the money is being wasted and many suffer because of the irresponsible and unnecessary way the government and law enforcement go after the “low hanging fruit” with sex offenders – SHAME ON THEM!

Important News From

Are you on the Florida Sex Offenders Registry but no longer in Florida? Want off it?

This is very important if you are registered in Florida but no longer living there! Remember that Florida is a LIFETIME and they don’t remove those who move out so they can keep the number of sex offenders artificially high to keep that good ole FEAR factor going with the poor folks who actually trust the government and don’t realize they are being lied to about the numbers and of course about EVERYTHING ELSE about the registry! I am reposting this from the Florida Action Committee’s website. Admin

Are you on the Florida Sex Offenders Registry but no longer in Florida?
by Florida Action Committee

If you are listed on the Florida Sex Offender Registry but no longer living in Florida, we are organizing a lawsuit to challenge your continued placement on the public registry.

The intent of the public notification component of the Sex Offender Registry is to notify the public of “potentially dangerous” people in their communities. People who are no longer in the state do not present a danger to people in the community and therefore serve no purpose on the public registry.

To be clear:  Sex offender registries do not work…are designed to stereotype certain American citizens into a faceless group so they are easier to hate. ALL registries should be stopped but until that time (which is coming) at least those who are no longer in the state should be removed…if for no other reason than to pretend that the “official” reason for the registry (help parents by providing a map of sex offenders living in their local area) can be maintained!

Florida’s registry is diluted with people who moved to another state, were deported, even people who are dead remain on the public registry! There are people who never lived in Florida but visited here, who are on the list!

If you fall into this category and would like to participate in a lawsuit to remove your name from the Florida Sex Offender Registry, contact


Fuck Florida from

Florida National Joke Yet Again

You think that Florida cares about children? No – the government of Florida cares about power and money. Child are used as a pawn to manipulate the public. In some cases such as the shocking abuse detailed in this recent Miami Herald story, child abuse is done with your tax dollars. Who are the criminals? Read the article and find out

The true criminals are running the show folks and abusing not only the system but children.

Head in the sand - Wake UP!

Head in the sand – Wake UP!