Sex Offender Truth:

Winning – After 15 years, ex-lawyer branded as child molester wins a reversal

Glad to see that at least one innocent victim of the sex offender registry has found some long overdue “justice” … of course, he will never get those years back! It is great to see that at least one innocent guy gets off this primitive public shaming list. So many others like myself were falsely accused and had bad legal representation and ended up here for nothing except being naive of how the legal system “works” in the USA!

The Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday reversed the conviction of a former lawyer who was found guilty in 2002 of sexually touching a 10-year-old girl in the kitchen of a McMinnville home, in a case riddled with questionable evidence.

Although Bradley Christopher Holbrook has already served a 6 ¼-year prison sentence, the reversal means he will no longer be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and carry that stigma. It also means that he won’t be a convicted felon anymore and could reinstate his law license.

That’s if the state of Oregon decides against appealing Wednesday’s ruling to the Oregon Supreme Court. And if the Yamhill County District Attorney’s Office — which originally prosecuted him — doesn’t decide to pursue a conviction again in a new trial.

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