Subject to registration, residency restrictions, and literally hundreds of other constricting laws, the 800,000 people on America’s sex-offender registries are by far the most policed population in our country.

That’s right…the ultimate Gods of an American citizen’s life…aka…the “Supreme Court of the United States of America” makes life and death decisions that you must obey so you would think they actually take the time to use real facts and not fake news as the basises for their ruling but you would be wrong. Very wrong in fact and you will be shocked to find out where they get their fake data…Keep reading for some long overdue truth!

No…they are not impartial but like everything associated with the government they have an agenda and it is not about justice, fairness, or even following the constitution.

The Supreme Court’s Sex-Offender Jurisprudence Is Based on a Lie

Perhaps they will stop drinking their own purple kool aid and start using actual facts and not made up statistics that were used for this ruling. Instead of actually working on one of the few cases they people actually bother to review, they simply used MAKE OF DATA from a single source and that source for the vital data used in derteriming hundreds of thousands of American’s fate was – Psychology Today magazine that’s right…let that sink in…the Supreme Court Of the United States of America got their information from fake data published in a pop psychology magazine! This was used to make ruling that are actively destroying other’s lives. You can’t make this shit up folk!


Useless Old Cunts who make decisions about your life!

They sleep just fine at night regardless uncaring about how many lives they destroy with their incompetence!


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  1. Mike says:

    Hello, talking about lies did you know the article from Phycology Today magazine was written by s journalist and ….wait for it .. Megan Kenka’s father not long after the death of his daughter. Talk about bias and tainted.
    Oh and if anyone has a copy of that article please send it to me, thank you

  2. Admin says:

    You know it! When the ultimate authority for justice in the United States uses false information as the main basis of their ruling there is reason for concern not only from those directly dealing with this registry nightmare but also brings into question all of their prior ruling as well.

    Are you worried now? You starting to understand just why this issue affects everyone in the United States!


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