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Speaking of Magical Thinking – Thanks Oprah!

Oprah Oprah Oprah, just think if this did happen in 2020! The magical non reason/reality based thinking that makes up most of the American beliefs and has helped to justify the sex offender registry has benefited greatly from Oprah’s very successful show!

The show was highly popular and while it was entertainment, it was marketed as alternative news of the time. Oprah’s person irrational magical beliefs were expressed in each show. How many children have died because of her show and the nonsense about not immunizing your child was a good idea!

Pseudo science was used on the show of the exact type used to create and justify the sex offender registry regardless that actual facts prove it is unnecessary and do not work…creates a false sense of safety which actually results in child being abused because the parents are told by the government to look elsewhere and be on look out of people who are the most unlikely to be a threat! How evil is that!

Check out the shocking magical thinking and irrational lies and misconceptions that Oprah and her talk show vomited onto and into the American psyche.

Oprah Winfrey Helped Create Our American Fantasyland


Any assessment of her possible presidential bid should consider the irrational, pseudoscientific free for all she helped create.


When will these sort of superstition stop? Will it ever stop or is it so rooted in our evolutionary dna that we will probably destroy ourselves as a species? Reason requires questioning and requires answers based on facts. These facts can not be changed regardless of how much someone might wish they be true. They simply are.

The registry is a part of the American magical thinking which is thought that is not only not based in reality but denies those facts at all costs to maintain the magical illusion. The sex offender registry is a punishment for breaking rules about America’s greatest fear and biggest taboo – SEX. America is a conservative christian nation (One nation under god blah blah blah) with liberty and justice for all. Right there it’s clear that the sex offender registry is unamerican because it takes away liberty for life with no second chance and it certainly doesn’t provide any justice…just inhuman punishment that keeps getting worse as the illegal and immoral abuse of your fellow American citizens (men, women, and yes children)!

Read the article…lots of detail and examples that I have forgotten but are traced back to Oprah and her and her talk show’s reach and influence! America…for the sake of the nation PLEASE stay away for that psycho!

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