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So How Do You Like Being WATCHED ?

FaceBook and Google have problems and So Do You…

From the article:

“When he requested his data from Google, he found that it was constantly tracking his location in the background, including calculating how long it took to travel between different points, along with his hobbies, interests, possible weight and income, data on his apps and records of files he had deleted. And that’s just for starters.


So Mr or Mrs Average American, how do you like being monitored and having every move and everything known about you. To lose the freedom of actually being free to move about without your every move tracked and monitored? Not pleasant is it to have your private information collected and being recorded? No it’s not. Now imagine all of it posted online for others to see?

Right you would not like that lack of privacy would you? Well everyone labelled as a so called “sex offender” lives that way 24/7 and often for the rest of his or her life! Maybe now that you have had just a tiny taste of what it feels like, perhaps you can have some compassion and even use some common sense and see that no one should have to live like that.

Worried about what Facebook knows about you? Check out Google


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