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Here is a story that VIVIDLY illustrates how the whore media will manipulate the headlines to sell papers (or get views). This is a typical “new story” about a person who happens to be (among countless other things) a “sex offender.” They are dehumanized and stereotyped into a faceless sub-human to be shunned and feared – they are not seen as human but rather as just a “sex offender.” The media will ALWAYS refer to a sex offender’s past regardless of how long ago OR the circumstances that caused the sex offender label.

So when a father abducts his own daughter what does the media use as the headline?
“Father sought after abducting daughter.” Nope that’s not what they used although it is true…just not juicy enough for anyone to really read more – SO –

Here is what this news source actually used:
Armed sex offender allegedly abducts baby from Virginia gas station, police issue Amber Alert

The news "forgot" to mention that the sex offender IS the child's FATHER

The news “forgot” to mention that the sex offender IS the child’s FATHER!

No mention that it was a RELATIVE – NOT A STRANGER but rather someone the child ALREADY KNOWS – in this case the child’s father!

The news outlet know that all anyone reads these days are the short “Twitter like” headlines – most will NOT read the article and only see that the sensationalized headline of “Armed Sex Offender Abducts baby” which in itself actually is #FakeNews since it is deliberately misleading! This is not reporting but done to perpetuate the proven LIE that those on the bloated and useless registry are the ones who need to be watched!

ARMED – SEX OFFENDER – ABDUCTS – BABY / All keywords that trigger the emotions of the reader!

This was a family issue over-dramatized to get the term sex offender out there in a negative way at any time them can! COME ON! Sure sex sells and anything slightly deviant sexually really sells because there is nothing that sexually repressed American’s love to read about than people getting in trouble for anything sexually related! America is so pathetic.



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