Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best - LIE

Rick Scott Is Getting a Boost From a Private Prison Company. (All that Botox in his forehead can’t be cheap)!

Since sex offender registries have been proven to not work why are politicians so eager to push them and the associated lies about them on the public? As with most things dealing with corrupt government officials all you need to do is follow the MONEY.

NO it’s not from the new season of “Orange is the New Black” but it could be!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best - LIE

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best – LIE

Not so surprising that he wants to keep the Florida sex offender registry growing and even keeping those who have moved out of the state (or even died) still listed despite the claim that the registry is used to allow the public to check to see sex offenders near them! So even though the registry does nothing whatsoever to help keep Florida children safe then what does it do? It provides an easy way for the state to make money! With no way off the registry and endlessly complicated and illogical requirements designed to be impossible to follow and assure that the Florida low enforcement have and endless supply of easy “low hanging fruit” to abuse, harass, and ultimately rearrest to give the false appearance that they are being “tough on crime” and that so-called “sex offenders” need constant monitoring – what utter bullshit!

Florida Governor Rick Scott and his cronies such as Senator Lauren Book are the real criminals who should not be on a registry but simply locked up (hopefully in one of the private prisons for profit)!

Here is the entire article and all the sickening details about the connection between prisons for profit and Florida Governor Rick Scott!


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