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Yes, it what has become open season of those labelled with the generic and meaningless term “sex offender” and although proven to NOT work and ignore the real problems such as poor parenting, and outright lies like 95% of sex crimes are done by strangers and a registry will help is based on proven lies and have been proven false time and time again. Stranger Danger is bullshit and children are most likely to be abused by other children and adults that they already know – NOT SOME LISTED ON A REGISTRY OR EVEN A STRANGER!

So punishing American citizens for life for making a single crime is not only unAmerican as fuck but also there is no reason based on facts to do so at all! States are finally being forced to admit this and now only 3 states remain with life registry for all – yes, from pissing in an alley to a violent rape treated as equal crimes and both punished with lifetime on the state’s registry with no ability to ever be removed until they die! Obscured but true!

Florida and that career victim Lauren Book are living in the dark ages – the middle ages in fact hundreds of years ago when “bad” people were forced to wear identifying mark or clothing such as a scarlet letter and these days are simply registered and never allowed off the registry even if they are an 18 year old who got caught streaking on spring break. No he is now a registered sex offender along with the thug who rapped some poor woman. Both are treated equally – WTF?!?


Well Utah is making a change! 

Sex offenders convicted of “viewing and possessing” child pornography could get off the Utah Sex Offender Registry in 10 years, rather than having their names, photos and other information on the registry for a “lifetime.”

“Let’s see if we can establish some good policy,” said State Rep. Jim Dunnigan (R-Taylorsville), who has drafted legislation for the registry reductions after discussions in a work group over the changes.

Dunnigan sees differences between viewing child porn, and making it — a conviction that would still leave offenders on the large database for life.

“We need to allow redemption,” said Wendy Parmley, who authored the book “Hope After Suicide,” and who said she was sexually abused as a child. “I can let it go. I can have peace. I don’t have to have the fear.”

Parmley supports the draft bill, but an attorney for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is opposed.

“The majority of our cases have gigabytes, if not terabytes of videos,” said Shelley Coudreaut, assistant Utah attorney general, underscoring prosecutors are not pursuing cases of children in beach clothes or bathtubs. She said viewers and possessors of pornography create the demand for illicit manufacturing.

Not only that, but child sex crimes investigators in Utah say the demand for child pornography in Utah is only increasing in recent years.

“Do you have friends, family members, church members who have found themselves on the sex offender registry?” 2News asked State Representative Paul Ray, R-Davis County.

“I think all of us do,” he replied, adding he hopes a friend convicted of a sex crime has changed.

Ray has a reputation of being tough on crime, but is still open to less time on the registry for some sex offenses.

“I think more important than being tough on crime, you have to be smart on crime,” he said.

Dunnigan said “a lot of work still remains to be done” on the legislation.

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