Police encounters are like having diarrhea – unpleasant and you just want it to end quickly. Indeed few things are more unpleasant than having to deal with these government thugs.

No one enjoys being questioned/interrogated by the police and this is especially true for those labelled as “sex offenders”. We are always being stalked by them. They harass and indeed try to bust you for anything they can! Things that they might let slide for “regular folks” are immediately turned into a threat or an arrest as their ultimate goal is to prove the lie that those labelled sex offenders are all hopeless criminals (talk about the kettle calling the pot black)!

So you need to know how to live in the new police state we find ourselves in. Just how do you deal with the inevitable and always unpleasant police encounter?


They are counting on you being ignorant of your rights and they take full advantage of this. For a large percentage of us, ignorance of the law is what got us into this absurd situation to start with! Did you speak to an officer thinking it was “off the record”? That doesn’t exist – it’s ALL on the record.

You think the police can’t legally lie to you? WRONG – it is not only perfectly legal for them to lie to you but it is sop – standard operating procedure. They are not your friend and the only reason they are interested in you is to bust you – let me repeat that – the ONLY reason they are interested in you is to BUST YOU!

They will try to intimidate you which is not that hard considering that just like gangs they show up in numbers and also like gangs they all have guns so it’s pretty easy to be intimidated and you are fool if you are not – SO – it’s even more important to know your rights and know them well so you remember them during the stressful and unpleasant event of a police encounter.

Unfortunately knowing your rights will not protect you from the abusive police in Florida who have no regard for human right!


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