Nobodies Punching Bag!

Do us all a favor and pick on someone who is like you – arrogant and armed – and leave those that you and your system have deliberately and systematically crippled alone… Kicking someone when they are down is the most pure form of evil in humans. Compassion is what separates humans from other animals…unfortunately some have not evolved to that level and it appears that most of the police force fall into that category – and it seems that Florida has a full 100% of them as the story below clearly and vividly illustrates!


Read all about how they wanted to use a “registered sex offender” for a punching bag but went for the next best thing…HIS FAMILY!!


Why are some so insecure that they must have someone “below” them to feel self-esteem? Why do they feel the need to bully? Makes you wonder – Right? 

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