Sex Offender Truth:

Media Fear Mongering – 1% WTF About The Other 99%!

Here is an example of the twisted reporting typically used by media sources all across the country to grab viewer’s attention with FEAR:

This is an actual headline:

“1% of sex offenders registered in RI unaccounted for”

From the article:

There are currently 23 registered sex offenders who are unaccounted for in Rhode Island, the Target 12 Investigators have learned.

Really? Target 12 investigators? Learned? So let me get this straight…I am frankly NOT impressed by 1% of anything (it seems this reporter is using about 1% of her brain) because it means…drum roll please…that 99% were where they said they would be! Now that impresses me! In this case the headline should accurately read:

“99% of sex offenders registered in RI accounted for”

Guess the crack Target 12 investigators didn’t think that fact based headline would cause enough interest/fear to get people to read it! We see this time and time again. Utterly stupid reporting using deceptive and sensationalized headlines to spread fear when the exact opposite is true – 99% (a vast majority for those mathematically challenged) are fully complying with the unnecessary and absurdly complicated punishments placed on them by a manipulative and uncaring government.

The reality is that those labelled as “sex offenders” typically have more strength of character than say…99% of the reporters like Diana Pinzon the author of this fear mongering trash reporting.

Read this irresponsible “reporting” from the “Target 12 investigators” right here.

Sex Offender Truth:

Sex Offender Truth:


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