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Las Vegas Tragedy – Wake Up Call

The tragic event in Las Vegas should be a wakeup call to those in law enforcement and politics who exploit fear with the sex offender registry…YOU are the ones putting American lives in harm’s way with your lies and diversionary tactics using sex offenders!

Those labelled as sex offenders are used for the fear factor and provide a false sense of security. We are easy to count…track…restrict and abuse so everyone feels like there is some “control” in the world.

This shows that there is no control. There is no absolute safety and all the efforts to keep the illusion up fail.

Just think of the horror the general public would have if they faced this reality. Putting so called sex offenders on a list do NOTHING AT ALL to increase safety…just the illusion of control.

If law enforcement would concentrate on preventing actual CRIME and those who might commit it instead of wasting time, money, and resources watching former sex offenders who statistically have a tiny reoffence rate perhaps those people would be alive today…the point is that the sex offender registry is a waste of resources and exists ONLY for political exploitation and NOT child safety!

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