Fighting Back in Lake County Florida

Lake Country Florida aka The anus of America

“EUSTIS — The arsonist who torched 10 cars at a medical office Sunday evening left a graffiti calling card complaining about being listed as a registered sex offender and warned last month that if “low-grade” offenders weren’t removed from the state sex offender website, “one piece of Lake property will burn.”

GREAT! This story thrills me from the top of my head to my toes! It is wonderful to see others using “alternative outlets” (mine is the informative blog you are now reading) to express the fully justified ANGER about the unfair, un-American and unconstitutional punishments forced on non-violent so called “low level sex offenders.”

History has shown that you can only abuse and push people so far before they fight back and this has made enough mad as hell and they will not take it anymore! You can only abuse and push people so far before they are forced to defend themselves and rightfully so.


Fight For Your Rights!

Life on a list like a dog – Not in my America! Florida better wake up and join the rest of humanity.

Should this person be caught please announce it as I can donate to their legal defense as they have done what many of us have felt like doing!

Thank you to the person or persons who made this statement and I hope to see an increase of “alternative outlets” and more making noise in whatever way possible because that is the ONLY way that we are going to get change in Florida!

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Here is the link to this wonderful news story from the anus of America aka trashy classless Lake County Florida

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  1. Trapped in America says:

    Times are changing and those who have had their rights stomped on by assholes in Florida are getting pushed back. Just like #metoo did, this lifetime punishment and uncontrolled abuse of those who already served their time is going to stop one way or another.

    Those labelled “sex offenders” are no different than another other minority group except that they have ZERO legal protection from sadistic pricks like those in law enforcement in Florida and especial Lake county.


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