Citizens subject to inhuman cruelty and arrested if they dare try to defend themselves

Florida is one of only 4 states with the absurd lifetime registration for those forced to wear the label “sex offender”! That’s right – you never get your life back…even after doing your time…your probation…therapy and all the other hoops you must jump through and guess what – IT DOESN’T MATTER! 

Your offense could be totally victim-less and yet you are treated just the same as someone who kidnaps and rapes someone! Incredibly unfair and unconstitutional – they can claim that registration is NOT PUNISHMENT but it is – Period. Since there is no reasonable way off of the registry it renders it useless for the purpose they claim. Even more shocking is that over half of those listed on the Florida sex offender registry DO NOT LIVE IN FLORIDA!

That’s right – the list is bloated not only with people who should never had been listed…people who have paid their debt…and also people who don’t even live in Florida. How does any of this make children safer? It doesn’t – it only creates a huge database of people to abuse for life.

What sick twisted people would want to punish people they have never met for life? What sort of evil do you need to rip families apart? Who get’s satisfaction from forcing their fellow American citizens to live under a bridge because of a residence restrictions (remember that they claim NONE of this is punishment)! Let me introduce you to the Books.

In Florida Ron and Lauren Book are a father daughter pair who have made a living off his daughter being molested by someone he hired. Someone by the way who was NOT listed on any useless registry but just as with nearly ALL sex offences on children, was done by someone the victim knew – just as in her case.

Below is a video compilation of Ron Book and his daughter Senator Lauren Book spewing their hate filled rhetoric. Here are some of assorted appearances where you can view these hate mongers for yourself…Watch them lie time and time again.

Watch him point to dots on a map showing where so-called “sex offenders” live when the reality is that HALF THE PEOPLE on the Florida sex offender registry DO NOT EVEN LIVE IN FLORIDA! Hey Ronnie – How’s that FACT for ya? Really makes it all about punishment doesn’t it.

Kind of negates the blatant lie about the registry being a “tool” to check on “sex offenders” in your neighborhood doesn’t it. But these 2 have never let inconvenient things like reality, facts, or truth get in their way. They prefer to let hate filled rhetoric propel Lauren Book’s political career. So grab your popcorn and watch as the lies just keep on flowing from their mouths like so much verbal diarrhea…


Ron Book Arrested and Charged With DUI After HITTING ANOTHER CAR and then Crashing His Lamborghini – Monday 02.25.2019

Ron Book has received at least half a dozen traffic citations in Broward, Collier and Miami-Dade counties, but convicted of only three — two for speeding and one for an improper turn signal. Money buys “justice” in the USA and even more so in corrupt Florida.

Ron Book seen in this Florida mug shot was arrested driving his Lamborghini drunk and endangering children's lives! February 25, 2019

Ron Book never looked better than in this Florida Mug Shot which shows his trademark scowl and bloodshot eyes. Glad to see he’s making enough money to afford a “nice car,” Lamborghini’s ain’t cheap and we all know where that money comes from – the backs of those he and his daughter Senator Lauren Book demonize and persecute – so called “sex offenders!”

Ron Book endangered lives with his reckless operation of a powerful car while drunk (Likely NOT the first time either – just the first time he was caught) … carelessly putting everyone in his path in life-threatening danger including – gasp – CHILDREN!

Hey Lauren…this sex offender gig is totally played out and your “victim card” has been played 1 too many times. People are waking up from your emotional manipulation and starting to see that a sex offender registry does nothing BUT a DUI registry…that might actually save lives!

You will always have a steady flow of new registrants to publicly shame and punish endlessly and it save a hell of a lot more children than the proven USELESS sex offender registry that has been you and your daddies meal ticket for so long!

The Ron Book’s Comedy Special – Greatest Hits

“You’ll laugh until you cry”

Government and law enforcement deceptions about “sex offenders” actually increase the chance of a child being a victim and they know it but simply don’t care! All these un-American registry/lists do is create a second class citizen to fear and as an added bonus they hurt children!

Why would those in government such as Lauren Book want to do this clearly un-American profiling of citizens if it is untrue and actually does nothing to help keep children safe? Because of all the reasons outlined above – for their selfish personal enrichment at the expense of others!

Sex Offender Truth - Stop The Lies!

OK – so you see exactly where the Books got the instructions on spreading their hate toward a small group of scapegoats…sounds familiar doesn’t it! Unfortunately every state and certainly the federal government has hate-filled opportunistic parasites like the Books who do the same thing.

Ron Book and Lauren Book

An American Dream Family!
The hate filled lies just keep on coming from this twisted father daughter team


Ron Book – booked in Florida after crashing his Lamborghini (allegedly) drunk – time to start the DUI registry Senator Lauren Book and your daddy can be the first one listed!

Florida Senator Lauren Book's daddy - Ron Book was arrested driving his Lamborghini drunk and endangering children’s lives! February 2019