Sex Offender Truth:

You Have Been Lied Too – Everything you have been told about sex offenders and the registry are lies!

Sex Offender Truth LInks

It’s way past time to set the record straight and even though the political machine has more resources to lie with we have more than that – we have the TRUTH!

The lies and emotional manipulation must stop…not just for justice but to get back to what America once was all about – OPPORTUNITY

Where everyone would have the opportunity at a second chance. Why are those labelled “sex offenders” not given that second chance?

If you have done your time and paid your “debt to society” AND have been deemed to pose no risk to the public then why are you on a registry?

Why are you not given the same chance as a murder or a drug dealer…that’s right, they are allowed to rejoin society when a so called “sex offender” may have been peeing in a park and no second chance? Really? Is this America? This is not very American now is it?

You will find out why Washington and local government want this registry and it is NOT to protect you – it is manipulate you with emotional fear of perceived danger.

In fact, rather than make you safer as claimed the registry actually has the opposite effect and actually gives you a false sense of security. Does that sound like it is done to protect children or manipulate parents with fear…


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  1. Mike says:

    Hello, love this website. I know exactly what your talking. I have found info you definitely want if you don’t have it already. Best one i have is ” The truth about recidivism rate is that The Federal Government did a study on sex offender recidivism rate in 1994 and the results of that study was 9% recidivism which is the second lowest recidivism rate, murder is the lowes, whats frieghtening is our U.S. government knew the truth about sex offender recidivism rate 9% & the government has done a study on recidivism rate every year after that to date and recidivism rate went down in 1995 of below 5% and that rate (below 5%) remains recidivism rate o current date. I also found on the Doj’s website articles and studies which show recidivism below 5%. I sent them an email asking why are all these sex offender laws are still on the books because thats where i found the article where the government did first recidivism rate study in 1994. When the Doj answered, they said oh you have to contact your local legislature an senate, i told them but you knew the truth it’s on your website an still know the truth but everytime a law is up to enact or not, you don’t say anything and show all of your evidence which is complete opposite of what legislature tells you, all laws should only be voted in on facts.
    The info is on the Doj & website, plus i have copies also


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