Public Shaming of American citizens by law enforcement -

Each year that media and government get together to take advantage of the lies the government has used for the past few years about so-called “sex offenders” (a meaningless term) and how extra diligence is needed in monitoring people who in most cases have never harmed a child – are not a threat to anyone (including children), and probably have higher moral standards than 95% of all politicians and law enforcement personnel combined!

Of course, those policemen love doing useless “work” and being paid overtime for it (imagine those funds used for real police work) – yes, imagine because it’s not going to happen – tracking “sex offenders” is too easy to give up! Useless and unproductive as it is!

Public Shaming of American citizens by law enforcement -

Public Shaming of American citizens by law enforcement – Proven to do nothing at all!

This shit has gone way to for and is really insulting to the public’s intelligence to keep telling the same old tired proven lies year after year. But you know how lazy law enforcement is…why work when you can go after “low hanging fruit” who are easy to abuse rather than do real police work – right? Hey – all that overtime knocking on doors sure is easy money isn’t it! It’s also wasted tax dollars flushed right down the toilet!

Just check out this excerpt from the article quoted below:

Every year around Halloween time, Patch, the news website specializing in local coverage around the country, publishes maps that show where sex offenders live. Patch claims this is some kind of public service, even though a thorough study of 67,000 cases of child molestation found zero increase in sex crimes against children on Halloween.

The vast majority of crimes against children are not committed by strangers, but by people close to the kids. Stranger danger is actually pointing worried parents in the wrong direction.

What’s more, sex offenders are not especially likely to go after kids on Halloween. Contrary to popular belief, “across the board the majority of sexual offenders do not go on to reoffend,” says Jill Levenson, a professor of social work who has studied Halloween crimes.


Here is the text to the entire article on – Read it and learn the truth is everywhere (except from the government!)



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