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Government Shutdown – Here’s Why!

Real life really is stranger than fiction…in today’s America!

Last Thursday night at 8 PM during dinner I hear a knock at my door while we are having dinner. I answer the door holding one of my barking chihuahuas in one hand and see an officer at my door in green bulletproof vest. I look around the corner and down the stair to see 8 more police officers also with vests on and guns (not drawn but in readiness formation), they are lining the entire length of the stairs of my 2nd floor apartment. Here we go again…the yearly attempt at public shaming (the registry is not enough for them). OK, so this is how it goes…

The officer in front forcefully says my name, I don’t need to ask who wants to know as that is overwhelming obvious, I say “Yes”. I then stick my head out the doorway and from the top of the stairs and looking DOWN on all the others lining the stairway I say in a sarcastic tone, “Think you have enough people here?” to which the officer in front of me immediately says “There’s safety in numbers.” (Was he implying that I was dangerous by that comment?) – Duh – I did not point out the 8 against 1 nor did I bother to point out that I was an unarmed man holding a chihuahua so 8 armed police officers with bulletproof vests and guns would clearly been seen as overkill by any sensible person! I also do not point out that 2 officers in plain clothes could handle knocking at the door of someone to check an address…especially someone like me (and tens of thousand just like me) who are supposedly NOT on any sort of probation (been there done that) and yet are monitored and treated like dangerous criminals!

Of course, they are not really checking on me but putting on a show for the neighbors and attempting to publicly shame me by this ridiculous and monetarily wasteful show of force that their unnecessary platoon of officers. Hell, even a simple phone call would quickly and economically have checked if I was home…but nope, that would lose the public shaming factor which is the real goal of this stupid spectacle, it’s why they show up like a raid at 8 PM on a Thursday. It would have also not allowed these 8 officers to be paid for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL.

So there you go, that is why the government shut down…8 officers being paid overtime to harass someone who was accused of a victim-less crime decades ago with not so much as a parking ticket since, that’s why the government is broke! They are milking you dry and playing you for a fool and the general public is buying it because of the sex offender registry lies the government has been using as propaganda for years!


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So the government shutdown – how dramatic and what a stupid show just like this equally stupid show put on in an attempt to publicly humiliate me is a waste of money…Time to expose this useless, unnecessary, and downright un-American shit and educate the general masses to the truth – The sex offender registry doesn’t work, wastes money, and its real reason for existing is as a TOOL by the government / law enforcement to control not only me but also YOU – keep reading this site because you will find nothing but the truth here and as a true American I hope you will see the truth and demand an end to the very un-American registry!

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