Florida Senator Lauren Book - "Professional Victim" and lazy hate monger


This is not news to anyone who had dealt with the fucked up legal system in Florida and how it abuses those labelled with the meaningless term “sex offender”. How the fuck is it legal (clearly not moral) to label someone with a lifetime designation that is subject to registration and then claim that they are FREE? Not logical is it – nope – it’s bullshit! Registration is Punishment – PERIOD!

From the article:

It was the kind of headline guaranteed to generate clicks even over the winter holidays and amid a federal government shutdown: “Number of Sex Offenders Living in Florida Is Growing,” warned the Associated Press. In December, the Florida legislative auditor’s office released a report noting that the number of people on the state’s sex offender registry had expanded 53 percent since 2005, to about 73,000.

But the report also contains this detail: 60 percent of those on the list live out of state, are in prison, or have been deported—up from the 43 percent in those categories in the auditors’ first report in 2006.

That’s because Florida’s registry increasingly scoops up anyone who has ever lived there or visited. Under state law, anyone with a sex crime in their past who comes to Florida for three days or more—say, a long weekend at Disney World or a business conference—has to visit a sheriff’s office to get fingerprinted and photographed and turn over myriad other details. The state then publishes those and keeps these new registrants on its public list for a minimum of 25 years.

Not only does that artificially inflate Florida’s list, critics say—it makes it impossible for those who have served a sentence and moved away to start over, even when their new home jurisdictions don’t require them to be publicly listed.

YES – one once you never get off this useless list and “professional victim” Florida Senator Lauren Book makes her living off of assuring that the illusion of danger AND the uncontrollable growth in number (because Florida lists those who do not live there a.k.a. 60% of the entire fucking list) and scares well intended but intentionally uninformed citizens (lied to by Florida government officials – again – such as Senator Lauren Book) with this fantasy of bogymen danger that simply is NOT TRUE!

The list is useless as it is full of people not even around to do anything. People who have ZERO potential of “re-offending” and people who are listed for victim-less crimes (how does it help listing them AND making it impossible to be removed even if they pose ZERO risk to anyone)!

Sex Offender Truth - demonizing a group for political gain such as Florida Senator Lauren Book does is NOT NEW.

Sex Offender Truth – demonizing a group for political gain such as Florida Senator Lauren Book does is NOT NEW.

If 60% of those listed on Florida’s sex offender registry are NOT in Florida then it simply is a lie that they are listed as that concerned citizens can check the Florida registry for threats living around them. The list is bloated with 60% useless information – only 40% live in Florida! 

Wake up and smell the bullshit – if it smells like bullshit it is bullshit. Call it what you will – REGISTRATION IS PUNISHMENT and nothing more. Saves and protects NO ONE and only serves to enrich lying sociopaths who have no interest in anyone except themselves. Get the facts. People’s lives are being played with for the selfish gain of others – and MONEY – not SAFETY is their ONLY MOTIVE!


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