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Florida sheriff’s deputy kills 3 family members and himself

Just another day in the Sunshine state!

As we all know Florida is one of the last states to have LIFE TIME REGISTRATION (unconstitutional and very illegal) for those labelled with the meaningless label of “sex offender” and those unfortunate American citizens are legislated nearly to extinction with more cruel and unusual punishments added each year to the abusive “laws” already forcing most to live on the streets!

If Florida would join the rest of the civilized states (with a few exceptions) and allow citizens to rejoin the community your state might actually not produce individuals such as this. If funds were NOT WASTED monitoring/punishing/abusing American citizens in that state who have “paid their debt to society” perhaps this tragedy and the next one like it could be avoided.

You would think someone like Senator Lauren Book might use some common sense and go after a real problem instead of wasting tax payer money by endlessly proposing more abusive punishments for people she does not know and has never met but whom have ALREADY PAID THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY and just want a second chance like ever other American!

But Senator Lauren Book is too vengeful and her hate-filled rhetoric is the only trick she has up her sleeve.

I feel for this man’s family but I also fully blame the state of Florida for this tragic event.


“The case is the second murder-suicide from a Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy in the past few months. In September, Deputy Kirk Keithley, 39, shot and killed his wife, Samantha, before killing himself, CNN affiliate WFTS reported. Keithley had been with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for more than nine years.”


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