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Are you on the Florida Sex Offenders Registry but no longer in Florida? Want off it?

This is very important if you are registered in Florida but no longer living there! Remember that Florida is a LIFETIME and they don’t remove those who move out so they can keep the number of sex offenders artificially high to keep that good ole FEAR factor going with the poor folks who actually trust the government and don’t realize they are being lied to about the numbers and of course about EVERYTHING ELSE about the registry! I am reposting this from the Florida Action Committee’s website. Admin

Are you on the Florida Sex Offenders Registry but no longer in Florida?
by Florida Action Committee

If you are listed on the Florida Sex Offender Registry but no longer living in Florida, we are organizing a lawsuit to challenge your continued placement on the public registry.

The intent of the public notification component of the Sex Offender Registry is to notify the public of “potentially dangerous” people in their communities. People who are no longer in the state do not present a danger to people in the community and therefore serve no purpose on the public registry.

To be clear:  Sex offender registries do not work…are designed to stereotype certain American citizens into a faceless group so they are easier to hate. ALL registries should be stopped but until that time (which is coming) at least those who are no longer in the state should be removed…if for no other reason than to pretend that the “official” reason for the registry (help parents by providing a map of sex offenders living in their local area) can be maintained!

Florida’s registry is diluted with people who moved to another state, were deported, even people who are dead remain on the public registry! There are people who never lived in Florida but visited here, who are on the list!

If you fall into this category and would like to participate in a lawsuit to remove your name from the Florida Sex Offender Registry, contact


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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    I got shafted by the D.A. in Oregon. I had absolutely no knowledge that I was corosponding with a person under 18. There was no meet/physical contact but the D.A. here pushed for a 30day jail sentance/3yr probation period for me. My attorney did everything he could, but to this day, I believe the D.A. and the presiding judge at the time were best of friends. So, I was sunk.My life is ruined, can’t live where I like, can’t travel outside the U.S. My daughter is 34yo and lives in Florida, but I can’t even visit her. Not sure, because of that stupid Florida law, I may never get to visit/see her again. (I live in Oregon.) I’m considered extremely low-level “offender”, but ordered to register for life. Tried to get removed from registry, threatend, and still have to continue to register. Even after my death, I’m still going to be on the registry. This happening occurred back in 2011. I’ve now been forced, via the registry, societal judgement, etc, to live like a hermit. I’ve contemplated suicide, for such a low level rating, to have to be treated the same as a extremely, nasty, worst case offender is NOT fair or right, this is no way to live. I did all those “rehab” classes and passed every test they threw at me. Still, that’s NOT good enough. Society only sees things 1 way, either you are a “offender” or not. I would never do anything willfully nasty like society “thinks and assumes” I did. This wrongful label will cost me my life. I can’t go on like this. Females won’t date me, I’ll never remarry, no human interaction, etc. There’s only 1 way out. No one cares. Just 1 less “offender” in the world…. yea!!! Right?

  2. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Florida sex offender registry also posts your information FOR LIFE if you just visit Florida! I made a one-time mistake of engaging a “14-year old” in an ADULT chat room. It was a sting operation and there was no child involved. I am not on the public registry in my own state and have been off probation for 7.5 years (at the urging of the probation department in my state)……..but I visited Florida for 5 days to see family for the holidays a few years ago and now my picture and information is publicly shown on the FDLE website forever. I never lived in Florida, have never been arrested in Florida and haven’t been back to Florida. Yet FDLE gets to post my information forever and I have no way to get my information removed.

    Also, neither the police nor the Sex Offender Registry in my own state were aware that Florida posted my information. I became aware because my daughter’s elementary school district discovered the Florida posting — and I received a letter from the school district saying I was banned from my daughter’s school. I can’t attend any of her school functions.


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