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Florida Police Abuse Handcuffed Teenager! Shocking Coward

I have pointed out again and again how the police in Florida are corrupt cowards and this sickening video fully illustrates! Big man kicking a handcuffed teenager who is surrounded and on the ground! Unbelievable so hear is video evidence (more evidence than exists in most sex offenders cases) of not not only police brutality but also child abuse! The sunshine states needs to stop the BULLSHIT and lies told about so-called “sex offenders” and they need to reform the entire police force as they are much more of a problem for everyday citizens as well as children!

Video captured by a bystander appears to show a Florida police sergeant kick a handcuffed teen who is lying on the ground.

Watch the pathetic Florida police abuse in the video below!

To Serve and Protect – Bullshit!

Police Abuse and worse -

Police Abuse and worse –

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