We Didn’t Start This WAR But We Will Finish it

If the government artificially creates a class of citizens as punishment and then actively and consciously demonizes that new sub-class, is the government responsible for the murders of that created class? Yes

The government did just that and the label “sex offender” was created as a new sub-class that one was not BORN into but was PUT into by the government justice department. The class was demonized as vile and unworthy of living with “decent” citizens. These citizens were to be made an example of by the government to show the other citizens just what power it had to destroy lives with no consideration of the individual.

If the government publishes the addresses of these demonized citizens along with their photos, where they work (if they can find a job with the label), what kind of car they drive (if they can afford a car), and every other detail of their lives and that information is used by someone to abuse/murder is the government responsible – again of course the answer is Yes So war is being wagged against a group that the government has intentionally crippled by taking away rights to housing, getting a job of any sort, and actively demonizing them in the public eye is giving information to killers just in case they don’t freeze to death or are killed in a storm because they are not allowed to be with the general public and given shelter.

Ok, so let’s not blame the entire government as that is a just a concept anyway BUT it is comprised of individuals. Sex offender registries are designed to lump everyone given that classification/label into one group. There is no regard for individuals but the fallacy is just as with the government the group is just a concept and not real. I will not generalize as the government has chosen to do – or should I say SOME INDIVIDUALS (such as professional victim and hate monger:  Lauren Book) working in government have chosen to do.

So who are these individuals working for the people who are responsible for this artificially created demonized class and what is their motivation?


Two such individuals are Ron Book and his hate filled daughter senator Lauren Book who is a “professional victim” and has made a career out of being abused by someone NOT on a registry list. Now, years later, Ron and Lauren are themselves abusing others only they are doing it out of HATE!

Lauren Book - Professional Victim and hate monger

Lauren Book – Professional Victim and hate monger


This is what happens when evil people are in power. They are using a tragic event as justification for revenge. Not revenge on the SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who actually was involved but hateful and petty revenge on an entire group of people they have never met and know nothing about!

Who is the real abuser now? I would say without hesitation that it is Lauren Book and Ron Book. These 2 hate filled assholes must derive some twisted satisfaction and pleasure from the systematic revengeful abuse that they are actively involved in tormenting individuals and families (including children) none of whom they have ever met and know NOTHING about!

Ron and Lauren Book - We See Predators Everywhere

All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers


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