The registry is an UN-American and constitutionally illegal punishment.

The SCOTUS make the wrong call when they used false date and deceptive data concerning sex offender re-offending. This has been admitted but NOT corrected! Do facts and even reality not matter to the court? It appear that they do not.

The only way to change this is to get the truth out and that is what this news blog is all about. Government has always used scapegoats to divert attention with fear…the war on something. Terror, Drugs, now Sex Offenders and who better than some labelled a “sex offender” as the perfect victim for sadists like Sheriff Judd. People who are used as scapegoats for everything. No sympathy…no facts or common sense either.

This MUST end. This is not the American way. If we are going to make America great again then we need to respect the constitution once again. No American citizen should be punished in this clearly cruel and unusual manner. You are either locked up, on probation, or free.

Being on this registry is not being free. It is a cruel punishment that goes on for decades and often for life. Imagine that life sentence and yet some have the balls to say that is not punishment…Shit…at least have the balls to admit what it really is. Registration IS Punishment

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