Chris Smith - Hate Monger of the Year /

Chris Smith – Hate Monger of the Year

Politician and full-time hate monger (R) Christopher Henry Smith (born March 4, 1953) is the U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 4th congressional district, serving since 1981.

This piece of work has decided that sex offenders are an easy target so forget facts and reality and just use them to further his hate filled career. He is the liar behind the useless and very Nazi like alteration of the American passport with a useless mark that is used to discourage those who have ALREADY PAID THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY and yet are hounded by soulless pricks like Smith.

Chris Smith - Hat Monger of the Year /

Chris Smith – Hate Monger of the Year /

Well I hope this wannabe Nazi is enjoying his contribution to the destruction of America with this bastardization of an essential travel document and by putting this SPECIAL WARNING in the back not only discourages the BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to travel, it also puts those BRAVE enough to attempt to do what most take for granted (take an international vacation) in danger from vigilantism to kidnapping to being blackmailed or worse!

Here’s an idea for you Chris. How about doing your duty/job and work for and treat American Citizens ALL as individuals and equally. I know it’s easy to get bills passed and look like you are being “tough on crime” which is fine if you really were…but you are not. You are using American citizens whose rights YOU SIR have stripped away as pawns for your personal gain. Why else would you not treat those who have already paid their debt to society as criminals forever? Does your hate filled soul just not care? Why are you pushing this clearly cruel and unsual PUNISHMENT on American citizens? Have you ever read the Constitution sir? If so then why do you ignore it?

Are there monsters who deserve punishments with no forgiveness. Of course there are BUT the vast majority of the American citizens forced to be listed sex offender registries are not those monsters and should not be there. Your registry is a lie and is not doing what you claimed it was created to do. It is a tool for evil politicians such as Chris Smith and nothing more.