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Americans And "Magical Thinking"

Sex offender laws are not based in reality at all. Sex offender registries are not based in reality either. Are Americans simply stupid or is something else going on which causes them to ignore facts for a magical reality of safety which studies…

Republican Hypocrite Dan Johnson Kills Himself

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The piece of shit politician and pastor killed himself rather than face charges of molesting a child. But wait...doesn't the sex offender registry keep kids safe from pervs like this - NOPE! Keeping them out of church might help but the registry…
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Media Fear Mongering - 1% WTF About The Other 99%!

Here is an example of the twisted reporting typically used by media sources all across the country to grab viewer's attention with FEAR:This is an actual headline: "1% of sex offenders registered in RI unaccounted for" From the article:"There…
Public Shaming of American citizens by law enforcement - SexOffenderTruth.com

Halloween RSO Lies - Just The Same Old Public Shaming

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Every halloween the news outlets become giddy with glee knowing that the endless headlines of the USA boogeyman aka Registered Sex Offenders will predictively start to show up giving them sensationalized headlines to elicit fear (and increase…
Head in the sand - Wake UP! SexOffenderTruth.com

Las Vegas Tragedy - Wake Up Call

The tragic event in Las Vegas should be a wakeup call to those in law enforcement and politics who exploit fear with the sex offender registry...YOU are the ones putting American lives in harm's way with your lies and diversionary tactics…
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Sex Offender Truth: SexOffenderTruth.com

You Have Been Lied Too - Everything you have been told about sex offenders and the registry are lies!

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It's way past time to set the record straight and even though the political machine has more resources to lie with we have more than that - we have the TRUTH!The lies and emotional manipulation must stop...not just for justice but to…