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A.I. Will Create Even More "Criminals" - Watch Out

Informative video on how Artificial Intelligence will predict…
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Sex-offender registries under attack for violating ex-offenders’ constitutional rights - GOOD!

Oklahoma’s attorney general - Michael Hunter spouts the same…
Trump signing a proclamation. Second Chance Month April 2018 - Except for "sex offenders" who are never allowed to move forward!

Trump Proclaims April 2018 National "Second Chance" Month - Except for Sex Offenders!

President Trump has proclaimed April 2018 As "Second Chance Month"…
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#MeToo Hysteria No Different Than Sex Offender Hysteria

The witch hunt and blanket punishment (including social shaming)…
Brevard County Deputy Nicholas Worthy, Florida Officer of the year for 2016 arrested

Florida's Officer of The Year For 2016 Arrested...

While the police are wasting time harassing American citizens…
Sex Offender Truth:

Sex Registries as Modern-Day Witch Pyres

Sex Registries as Modern-Day Witch Pyres: Why Criminal Justice…

Another Attack on the Rights of American Citizens in Florida

Another insignificant hate-filled politician in Florida stomping…
Police Abuse and worse -

Police Sexual Abuse - Reality In Today's America

Back in the day the (most) police were honorable and fine Americans…
Money wasted monitoring sex offenders might have prevented this!

Watching ALL Those Sex Offenders in Florida Sure Are Keeping Kids Safe - NO

The 17 kids killed today were not killed by a strange OR a…
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No Second Chance: "My boyfriend is a registered sex offender"

Here is a case in point that clearly illustrates the damage of…