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FLORIDA: Former Assistant Principal Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charges

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What a shock - someone not on the sex offender registry and in charge of children found guilty of child porn! Not that shocking if you actually know how the SO registry works or rather the real reasons that they even exist... The official reason…
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Florida sheriff's deputy kills 3 family members and himself

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Just another day in the Sunshine state! As we all know Florida is one of the last states to have LIFE TIME REGISTRATION (unconstitutional and very illegal) for those labelled with the meaningless label of "sex offender" and those unfortunate…
Ryan Macklin is a Maryland police officer who has been arrested and charged with rape after allegedly assaulting a woman during a traffic stop.

Police officers in the US were charged with more than 400 rapes over a 9-year period

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Want To See A REAL Sex Offender? No need to check your local sex offender registry because they are not there - nope - they are driving in police cars all around you hunting their next victim (you? your wife? your child?)! Here is an example…
Public Shaming of American citizens by law enforcement -


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Each year that media and government get together to take advantage of the lies the government has used for the past few years about so-called "sex offenders" (a meaningless term) and how extra diligence is needed in monitoring people who in…
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Detaining immigrant kids is now a billion-dollar industry - ONLY IN AMERICA FOLKS

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Not only is law enforcement violating the sanctity of the family unit by tearing innocent children away from their parents but they are also making a huge profit from it! SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Detaining immigrant children has morphed into a…
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Want To Protect Children? Watch The Parents!

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"37 US Children Die In Hot Cars Each Year" SHOCKING HEADLINE RIGHT! Those children are killed by parents - NOT by a stranger and NOT by a sex offender!Now just imagine if the MILLIONS of dollars WASTED on the proven useless sex offender…
Exposing the truth about registered sex offenders from government lies -

#metoo And The Florida Sex Offender Registry

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The advent of the #metoo phenomenon has caught most of the public by surprise. Not us registered on a useless list because we understand very well that the real sex offenders are NOT on any list/registry! No - just as I have said and statistics…
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A.I. Will Create Even More "Criminals" - Watch Out

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Informative video on how Artificial Intelligence will predict who will commit crimes...will it profile you or a family member? Who will be next...
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Sex-offender registries under attack for violating ex-offenders’ constitutional rights - GOOD!

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Oklahoma’s attorney general - Michael Hunter spouts the same bullshit of fear: “For the national database to work, the states and federal data need to be knitted together, and for one state to be exempted from the registry puts citizens…
Trump signing a proclamation. Second Chance Month April 2018 - Except for "sex offenders" who are never allowed to move forward!

Trump Proclaims April 2018 National "Second Chance" Month - Except for Sex Offenders!

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President Trump has proclaimed April 2018 As "Second Chance Month" and has stated: "During Second Chance Month, our Nation emphasizes the need to prevent crime on our streets, to respect the rule of law by prosecuting individuals who break…