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Sensationalize Much!?!

Here is a story that VIVIDLY illustrates how the whore media will manipulate the headlines to sell papers (or get views). This is a typical “new story” about a person who happens to be (among countless other things) a “sex offender.” They are dehumanized and stereotyped into a faceless sub-human to be shunned and feared – they are not seen as human but rather as just a “sex offender.” The media will ALWAYS refer to a sex offender’s past regardless of how long ago OR the circumstances that caused the sex offender label.

So when a father abducts his own daughter what does the media use as the headline?
“Father sought after abducting daughter.” Nope that’s not what they used although it is true…just not juicy enough for anyone to really read more – SO –

Here is what this news source actually used:
Armed sex offender allegedly abducts baby from Virginia gas station, police issue Amber Alert

The news "forgot" to mention that the sex offender IS the child's FATHER

The news “forgot” to mention that the sex offender IS the child’s FATHER!

No mention that it was a RELATIVE – NOT A STRANGER but rather someone the child ALREADY KNOWS – in this case the child’s father!

The news outlet know that all anyone reads these days are the short “Twitter like” headlines – most will NOT read the article and only see that the sensationalized headline of “Armed Sex Offender Abducts baby” which in itself actually is #FakeNews since it is deliberately misleading! This is not reporting but done to perpetuate the proven LIE that those on the bloated and useless registry are the ones who need to be watched!

ARMED – SEX OFFENDER – ABDUCTS – BABY / All keywords that trigger the emotions of the reader!

This was a family issue over-dramatized to get the term sex offender out there in a negative way at any time them can! COME ON! Sure sex sells and anything slightly deviant sexually really sells because there is nothing that sexually repressed American’s love to read about than people getting in trouble for anything sexually related! America is so pathetic.



Exposing the truth about registered sex offenders from government lies -

#metoo And The Florida Sex Offender Registry

The advent of the #metoo phenomenon has caught most of the public by surprise. Not us registered on a useless list because we understand very well that the real sex offenders are NOT on any list/registry! No – just as I have said and statistics prove and confirm time and time again, the one most likely to be a sexual abuser is a person the victim already knows!

The sexual abuse in Hollywood was not done by anyone on a sex offender list. It was done by men and women of great respect and all their victims knew them. Hiding in plain sight but still not on a list. Clearly the myth that sex offender registries work is proven false and they only provide the public with a false sense of security leaving the door wide open for this sort of abuse.

Hopefully these revelations in Hollywood will provide a role model for the entire country and will follow the lead and concentrate on the real sex offenders and not the men and women who have made a mistake or been entrapped or took a bad plea bargain instead of going to trial or even totally innocent and just caught in a system impossible to get out of!

The point is that the sex offender registry doesn’t do what it was claimed it would do – show where dangerous people are living. Half of the people listed on the Florida registry do not even live in the state! How is listing those people keeping kids safe? A huge majority of them are listed for things that happened decades ago and the registered citizen has not have so much as a parking ticket – yet is listed – why? So clutter up the list with people who have never had the opportunity to get off because it is for LIFE! How stupid were the designers of this Florida law? It’s not even effective and actually becomes worse as time goes by. Crazy – other states at least have a way to get unlisted after 5, 10, 20 years which allows at least some to get off although way too long but still better than Florida’s absurd lifetime registry for anything!

So as you can see 75% of those currently listed on the Florida sex offender registry should not be listed. By being there they simple divert attention from the ones that truly might be in need of monitoring and still this list should be only available to law enforcement. As it stands right now it is a cruel and unusual punishment and indeed it is public shaming and punishment.

Let’s make changes for everyone. Let’s admit the registry is flawed by design and that these design flaws of constant growth and inaccurate numbers are just a few of the most obvious flaws of many. The false sense of security it creates is simply unforgivable! How can they tell parents this is keeping their kids safer when that is a bold faced lie! They know it is so they are deliberately and with no regard for your child’s safety simply lying to you and manipulating you with fear when it is not the truth. Some one the victim already knows is statistically the one who is going to be the abuser – Face that ugly fact.

Just as 400 years ago the label of sex offender and the forced inclusion on the a registry is nothing new -

Modern American OR Public Shaming from the 1600’s

America began as a puritan country with strict “Christian values” which had at their core a neurotic obsession with SEX – hence the name “puritans.”

You would have thought that 400 years later America would have advanced beyond these ignorant hyper-conservative religion based values but no – and guess what is even more pathetic, it is still an obsession with SEX that get’s their panties in a twist in 2018! These modern puritans are punishing so-called “sex offenders” and listing them for all to see. Sound familiar – it should because it is the same public shaming that was done 400 years ago!

Just as 400 years ago the label of sex offender and the forced inclusion on the a registry is nothing new -

Just as 400 years ago the label of sex offender and the forced inclusion on the a registry is nothing new –

So when are we going to grow up in America? When are we going to pretend we are all so innocent and punish a few for life? When are we going to stop demonizing others? Why is there no second chance for someone who peed in a park or looked at an image in the privacy of their homes not from deviant motives but simple curiosity of the world?

The fact is that everyone is a sex offender to someone else.

It was not that long ago that gays were labelled as sex offenders. Transgender individuals were without rights. Hell, there were even laws criminalizing what consenting adults could do sexually in the privacy of their own home (some states still have crazy sodomy laws)!

Frankly some people should just mind their own business.

Why don’t we registry drug dealers, wife beaters, drunk drivers, murderers, white collar criminals (where did my retirement fund go), bank robbers, pick pockets, and animal abusers?

Clearly this is highly discriminatory and unfair. Those given the label “sex offender” are shunned just as if they were in the stocks on the public square hundreds of years ago – the difference being that it is usually for life and not just a few hours! Shockingly cruel and unusual punishment don’t you think for peeing in the park or peeking at a forbidden image!


Smile for the camera and get ready to enjoy the same suffering you have helped to cause for so many others - ASSHOLE /

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens – Sexual Predator

Missouri lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling on republican Gov. Eric Greitens to resign following a report that an affair he had was at times violent and nonconsensual.

Smile for the camera and get ready to enjoy the same suffering you have helped to cause for so many others - ASSHOLE /

Nice Mug Shot – Smile for the camera and get ready to enjoy the same suffering you have helped to cause for so many others – ASSHOLE /

Missouri lawmakers have announced they will hold a special session on May 18 to confer about impeaching Greitens. It will be the first time in Missouri’s history that legislators have called a special session, as they are normally set by governors.

Impeachment is “one of the most serious and consequential powers the Constitution grants the legislature,” GOP House Speaker Todd Richardson previously told the Columbia Tribune. “We will not act rashly, but we will not shrink from it.”

Greitens, 44, is already set to go to trial in May on a felony indictment of invasion of privacy. He’s accused of taking and transmitting a nonconsensual — partially nude — photo of a woman with whom he was having the affair.


Science -

A.I. Will Create Even More “Criminals” – Watch Out

Informative video on how Artificial Intelligence will predict who will commit crimes…will it profile you or a family member? Who will be next…

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Sex-offender registries under attack for violating ex-offenders’ constitutional rights – GOOD!

Oklahoma’s attorney general – Michael Hunter spouts the same bullshit of fear:

“For the national database to work, the states and federal data need to be knitted together, and for one state to be exempted from the registry puts citizens of all states in danger,” Michael Hunter, Oklahoma’s attorney general, told The Washington Times.

It is obvious that the registries are not needed – PERIOD. They don’t work and violate the constitutional rights of nearly 1 million american citizens!

They are also based a faulty data and lies (although when has that mattered to politicians)!

Those who have paid their price have been punished and have earned the right to be free…fully free…not registered like dogs.

They have been deemed safe enough to be released…if they were not they would be either locked up OR on some sort of probation.

The registry is just public shaming and provides a false sense of safety claiming that those who have been caught will do it again – FALSE

By fooling parents into a this false sense of security they actually lower their guard to the REAL DANGER which is NOT someone one a list but rather someone NOT on a list and furthermore, NOT a stranger but someone the family and/or child ALREADY KNOW.


Stop this political game and do the right thing not only for former offender (there are not such thing as sex offenders – made up meaningless label) but also for the sake of the children they claim to be protecting.

Trump signing a proclamation. Second Chance Month April 2018 - Except for "sex offenders" who are never allowed to move forward!

Trump Proclaims April 2018 National “Second Chance” Month – Except for Sex Offenders!

President Trump has proclaimed April 2018 As “Second Chance Month” and has stated:

“During Second Chance Month, our Nation emphasizes the need to prevent crime on our streets, to respect the rule of law by prosecuting individuals who break the law, and to provide opportunities for people with criminal records to earn an honest second chance.  Affording those who have been held accountable for their crimes an opportunity to become contributing members of society is a critical element of criminal justice that can reduce our crime rates and prison populations, decrease burdens to the American taxpayer, and make America safer.” – President Donald Trump

While I would like to thank the president for raising awareness I would also like to add that a particular segment of American citizens are NOT OFFERED this most American concept of “second chances” after they have paid their debt to society and that group includes nearly 1 million men, women, and even children! Why are those citizens NOT being given this second chance that President Trump has declared in this recent proclamation? Why are the vast majority of those Americans punished even after they have paid their debt to society and never allowed a second chance to move on with their lives?

Trump signing a proclomation. Second Chance Month April 2018 - Except for "sex offenders" who are never allowed to move forward!

Trump signing a proclamation. Second Chance Month April 2018 – Except for “sex offenders” who are never allowed to move forward!

Maybe it hits too close to home for most politicians but the real reason is that keeping “sex offenders” as second class citizens gives them a group of abuse and punished over and over again giving the very false appearance that law makers and law enforcement are being tough on crime and protecting children – PROVEN LIES.

Unfortunately as with much of American hypocrisy there is something going on behind the scenes and if you are reading this website you already know what those things are OR you are here to educate yourself about the TRUTH instead of blindly following what you are told – Thinking for yourself also used to be an American characteristic and for some it still is but we need to do more to make this great country once again the LAND OF THE FREE and not just a select few but ALL AMERICANS!

American Flag -

#MeToo Hysteria No Different Than Sex Offender Hysteria

The witch hunt and blanket punishment (including social shaming) being seen with #MeToo hysteria are totally parallel with the unreasonable and disproportionate reactions and punishments of those even accused of a so-called “sex offence” as this video so clearly shows…hopefully the same logical critical and reasonable thinking shown here concerning “me too” will be applied to the sex offender situation and punishment!

I am glad there are true Americans like Bill Burr who use logic and perspective and who are not only unafraid to think for themselves outside of the typical herd mentality we see at this time in America but are also vocal about it – Enough is Enough!

Check out this enlightened discussion for yourself:

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So How Do You Like Being WATCHED ?

FaceBook and Google have problems and So Do You…

From the article:

“When he requested his data from Google, he found that it was constantly tracking his location in the background, including calculating how long it took to travel between different points, along with his hobbies, interests, possible weight and income, data on his apps and records of files he had deleted. And that’s just for starters.


So Mr or Mrs Average American, how do you like being monitored and having every move and everything known about you. To lose the freedom of actually being free to move about without your every move tracked and monitored? Not pleasant is it to have your private information collected and being recorded? No it’s not. Now imagine all of it posted online for others to see?

Right you would not like that lack of privacy would you? Well everyone labelled as a so called “sex offender” lives that way 24/7 and often for the rest of his or her life! Maybe now that you have had just a tiny taste of what it feels like, perhaps you can have some compassion and even use some common sense and see that no one should have to live like that.

Worried about what Facebook knows about you? Check out Google


Sex Offender Truth:

Sex Registries as Modern-Day Witch Pyres

Sex Registries as Modern-Day Witch Pyres: Why Criminal Justice Reform Advocates Need to Address the Treatment of People on the Sex Offender Registry

Here is a great article for those who have not bothered to think about the issue – From the article:

“If America has a civil death penalty, putting people on the sex offender registry is it. In a recent experiment, when individuals were given the choice between being labeled a child molester or dying, most chose death.”


Here is the link to this very well written and informative article: Read it here

Keep your head in the sand or face reality and the truth!