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United States Government Distributes Child Porn

You would think that the FBI (FBI ran website sharing thousands…
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The list of Boy Scouts leaders accused of sexual abuse has nearly 3,000 MORE names now stands at 7800!

Well well...imagine that - children being abused by someone they…
R. Kelly and Bill Cosby

Blame The Parents - The Real Problem!

Headline: Trio of child-sex documentaries puts a spotlight on…
Florida Senator Lauren Book - "Professional Victim" and lazy hate monger


This is not news to anyone who had dealt with the fucked up legal…
Ron Book seen in this Florida mug shot was arrested driving his Lamborghini drunk and endangering children's lives! February 25, 2019

Asshole - Ron Book gets booked for DUI (Hope he insured his crashed Lamborghini)!

Ron Book aka Ronald Lee Book (daddy of Florida Senator Lauren…
Florida Pastor / Police officer - Vernon Allan Richardson - Killed himself rather than face what a hypocrite he is/was - 2019
Thomas William Barnes - BUSTED / Former DCF spokesman arrested on child porn charges

Former Florida DCF spokesman Thomas Barnes Sentenced for Child Porn

This happened awhile back BUT it vividly and clearly illustrates …
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Florida pardons 4 black men accused of 1949 rape - SO WHAT!?!

Florida pardons 4 black men accused of 1949 rape From the article:"TALLAHASSEE,…
Police chief Donny Lewis Dixon proves that there is no typical sex offender and yet he's gets away with child porn - unfair and unAmerican!

Same Old Shit - Special Treatment for Police in the American Police State! Child Porn and NO registry!

Who would have guessed that a police chief convicted of child…

Fighting Back in Lake County Florida

Lake Country Florida aka The anus of America "EUSTIS — The…