Stacey Honowitz discovers that a hypocrite like her can't escape karma

Stacey Honowitz of the State Attorney’s office in Broward County is accused of stealing!

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. This woman who makes a living being a hypocrite and feeling morally superior to others as she condemns them and ruins lives is caught in the system…

A prominent Florida prosecutor, who provided legal analysis to “Larry King Live,” “Good Morning America,” “Dateline,” NBC, CNN, CBS News and other media organizations, was charged with stealing $42.93 worth of beauty products from a grocery store over the weekend. Stacey Honowitz, a 30-year veteran of the Florida State Attorney’s office and supervisor of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit in Broward County, was suspended from her post. She is charged with petty retail theft.

Stacey Honowitz discovers that a hypocrite like her can't escape karma

Stacey Honowitz discovers that a hypocrite like her can’t escape karma 

Honowitz describes herself as a “tenacious litigator” who has prosecuted high-profile cases in South Florida. “When she isn’t putting bad guys behind bars, Honowitz works to educate parents and children about child molestation and the importance of reporting abuse as the first step to healing,” according to the website.



Ex-senator Ralph Shortey sentenced to 15 years in prison in child sex trafficking case

Christian Lawmaker Ralph Shortey Sentenced To 15 Years For Child Sex Trafficking

“After being caught in a hotel room with an underage boy while serving as an Oklahoma State Senator, Christian conservative Ralph Shortey is sentenced to 15 years for child sex trafficking.”

More from the article about this hypocrite:

A former Republican state senator in Oklahoma has been sentenced to 15 years in prison on a child sex trafficking charge.

Ralph Shortey was sentenced Monday in federal court in Oklahoma City. He had faced a sentence of up to life in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Shortey pleaded guilty in November in exchange for prosecutors dropping three child pornography charges against him.

Last year Shortey was charged with engaging in child prostitution and other felonies after being caught in a hotel room with an underage boy.


Ex-senator Ralph Shortey sentenced to 15 years in prison in child sex trafficking case

Ex-senator Ralph Shortey sentenced to 15 years in prison in child sex trafficking case

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best - LIE

Rick Scott Is Getting a Boost From a Private Prison Company. (All that Botox in his forehead can’t be cheap)!

Since sex offender registries have been proven to not work why are politicians so eager to push them and the associated lies about them on the public? As with most things dealing with corrupt government officials all you need to do is follow the MONEY.

NO it’s not from the new season of “Orange is the New Black” but it could be!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best - LIE

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best – LIE

Not so surprising that he wants to keep the Florida sex offender registry growing and even keeping those who have moved out of the state (or even died) still listed despite the claim that the registry is used to allow the public to check to see sex offenders near them! So even though the registry does nothing whatsoever to help keep Florida children safe then what does it do? It provides an easy way for the state to make money! With no way off the registry and endlessly complicated and illogical requirements designed to be impossible to follow and assure that the Florida low enforcement have and endless supply of easy “low hanging fruit” to abuse, harass, and ultimately rearrest to give the false appearance that they are being “tough on crime” and that so-called “sex offenders” need constant monitoring – what utter bullshit!

Florida Governor Rick Scott and his cronies such as Senator Lauren Book are the real criminals who should not be on a registry but simply locked up (hopefully in one of the private prisons for profit)!

Here is the entire article and all the sickening details about the connection between prisons for profit and Florida Governor Rick Scott!


What a great role model - Joel Davis

“Ivy League student known for fighting sexual violence is charged with child sex crimes” – Not Really A Surprise!

When some zealot appears to be too “anti anything” I often wonder why? Unfortunately the reason is quite often that they are trying to hide in plain site. Such is the case with 22-year-old Columbia University student, Joel Davis. Davis was very vocal about the horrors of child abuse and yet, he is now charged with some of the most horrendous abuse imaginable!

What a great role model - Joel Davis

What a great role model – Joel Davis

From the article:

Davis told the agent that he is into children ages zero and up, and has “no limits,” according to the complaint. He said he previously had sexual experiences with a 9-month-old boy, a 6-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy. He sent the agent an array of disturbing photos showing adults sexually abusing naked children as young as infants.

He asked another undercover agent to take nude pictures and videos of the agent’s supposed 9-year-old daughter and the 2-year-old daughter of the agent’s girlfriend. Davis told the agent he had “hundreds” of images of child pornography in his “collection,” mostly “baby/toddler.”

Fat Pervert aka Joel Davis

Fat Pervert aka Joel Davis

So while they are praising the “work” against child exploitation and wasting resources monitoring “sex offenders” who have already paid their debt to society pieces of shit like this are given awards! This illustrates the uselessness and false sense of security that sex offender registries provide! Wake up and smell the truth! It also shows a pathetic pattern of those being the most vocal AGAINST sex offenders are quite often actually GUILTY of the very thing they want to APPEAR to be against!

Read all the sickening truth here.

We Didn’t Start This WAR But We Will Finish it

If the government artificially creates a class of citizens as punishment and then actively and consciously demonizes that new sub-class, is the government responsible for the murders of that created class? Yes

The government did just that and the label “sex offender” was created as a new sub-class that one was not BORN into but was PUT into by the government justice department. The class was demonized as vile and unworthy of living with “decent” citizens. These citizens were to be made an example of by the government to show the other citizens just what power it had to destroy lives with no consideration of the individual.

If the government publishes the addresses of these demonized citizens along with their photos, where they work (if they can find a job with the label), what kind of car they drive (if they can afford a car), and every other detail of their lives and that information is used by someone to abuse/murder is the government responsible – again of course the answer is Yes So war is being wagged against a group that the government has intentionally crippled by taking away rights to housing, getting a job of any sort, and actively demonizing them in the public eye is giving information to killers just in case they don’t freeze to death or are killed in a storm because they are not allowed to be with the general public and given shelter.

Ok, so let’s not blame the entire government as that is a just a concept anyway BUT it is comprised of individuals. Sex offender registries are designed to lump everyone given that classification/label into one group. There is no regard for individuals but the fallacy is just as with the government the group is just a concept and not real. I will not generalize as the government has chosen to do – or should I say SOME INDIVIDUALS (such as professional victim and hate monger:  Lauren Book) working in government have chosen to do.

So who are these individuals working for the people who are responsible for this artificially created demonized class and what is their motivation?


Two such individuals are Ron Book and his hate filled daughter senator Lauren Book who is a “professional victim” and has made a career out of being abused by someone NOT on a registry list. Now, years later, Ron and Lauren are themselves abusing others only they are doing it out of HATE!

Lauren Book - Professional Victim and hate monger

Lauren Book – Professional Victim and hate monger


This is what happens when evil people are in power. They are using a tragic event as justification for revenge. Not revenge on the SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who actually was involved but hateful and petty revenge on an entire group of people they have never met and know nothing about!

Who is the real abuser now? I would say without hesitation that it is Lauren Book and Ron Book. These 2 hate filled assholes must derive some twisted satisfaction and pleasure from the systematic revengeful abuse that they are actively involved in tormenting individuals and families (including children) none of whom they have ever met and know NOTHING about!

Ron and Lauren Book - We See Predators Everywhere

All these 2 need to do is look into a mirror. Predators come in many forms such as these opportunistic hate mongers


Republican Hypocrite Dan Johnson Kills Himself

The piece of shit politician and pastor killed himself rather than face charges of molesting a child. But wait…doesn’t the sex offender registry keep kids safe from pervs like this – NOPE! Keeping them out of church might help but the registry doesn’t!

Dan Johnson, a Republican state lawmaker in Kentucky known for inflammatory Facebook posts comparing Barack and Michelle Obama to monkeys and who defiantly denied allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl in the basement of his home, killed himself Wednesday night. He was 57.

Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell said Johnson shot himself on a bridge in Mount Washington, Kentucky. Tinnell confirmed the death to WDRB-TV in Louisville.

Don’t know why they bother to call these people lawmakers when lawbreakers would be more appropriate! These “leaders” are nothing more than parasitic sociopath control freaks who profess one thing and punish people for it, all the while doing the same thing and worse…hypocrites. Glad this one is no longer on earth.

You see that the registry is made by people just like this prick to divert attention from themselves all the while stealing your tax funds and molesting your kids! The real criminals are in local, state, and federal government. Watch the real criminals in government and not so-called “sex offenders” who have already paid their debt to society.


Fat fuck pussy kills himself rather than face what a hypocrite he is!

Pussy kills himself rather than face what a hypocrite he is/was!