Major Gary Jones thinks he knows it all...except the constitution that is!

Political Whore Major Gary Jones Looking For Attention - What else is new

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Political whores willing to say anything for media attention. This mayor Gary Jones is such a whore.Halloween brings out all the freaks - especially professional ones like politicians such as small town Georgia major Gary Jones.This…
Mentally sick asshole killer David Savage

Suspect in brutal Ohio murder of sex offender arrested in Oak Creek

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AMERICAN CITIZEN MURDERED BY AMERICAN CITIZEN ON AMERICAN SOIL!This SHIT is what happens when you go to the extreme to DEMONIZE and DEHUMANIZE citizens - put their names, faces, address and even where they work, online for every psychopath…
Stacey Honowitz discovers that a hypocrite like her can't escape karma

Stacey Honowitz of the State Attorney's office in Broward County is accused of stealing!

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I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. This woman who makes a living being a hypocrite and feeling morally superior to others as she condemns them and ruins lives is caught in the system... A prominent Florida prosecutor, who provided…
Ex-senator Ralph Shortey sentenced to 15 years in prison in child sex trafficking case

Christian Lawmaker Ralph Shortey Sentenced To 15 Years For Child Sex Trafficking

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"After being caught in a hotel room with an underage boy while serving as an Oklahoma State Senator, Christian conservative Ralph Shortey is sentenced to 15 years for child sex trafficking." More from the article about this hypocrite: A former…
Florida Gov. Rick Scott doing what he does best - LIE

Rick Scott Is Getting a Boost From a Private Prison Company. (All that Botox in his forehead can't be cheap)!

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Since sex offender registries have been proven to not work why are politicians so eager to push them and the associated lies about them on the public? As with most things dealing with corrupt government officials all you need to do is follow…
What a great role model - Joel Davis

"Ivy League student known for fighting sexual violence is charged with child sex crimes" - Not Really A Surprise!

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When some zealot appears to be too "anti anything" I often wonder why? Unfortunately the reason is quite often that they are trying to hide in plain site. Such is the case with 22-year-old Columbia University student, Joel Davis. Davis was…

We Didn't Start This WAR But We Will Finish it

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If the government artificially creates a class of citizens as punishment and then actively and consciously demonizes that new sub-class, is the government responsible for the murders of that created class? Yes The government did just that and…

Republican Hypocrite Dan Johnson Kills Himself

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The piece of shit politician and pastor killed himself rather than face charges of molesting a child. But wait...doesn't the sex offender registry keep kids safe from pervs like this - NOPE! Keeping them out of church might help but the registry…