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So How Do You Like Being WATCHED ?

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FaceBook and Google have problems and So Do You...From the article: "When he requested his data from Google, he found that it was constantly tracking his location in the background, including calculating how long it took to travel between…
Sex Offender Truth:

Sex Registries as Modern-Day Witch Pyres

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Sex Registries as Modern-Day Witch Pyres: Why Criminal Justice Reform Advocates Need to Address the Treatment of People on the Sex Offender Registry Here is a great article for those who have not bothered to think about the issue - From the…

Another Attack on the Rights of American Citizens in Florida

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Another insignificant hate-filled politician in Florida stomping on human rights in a small hick town in Florida called Vernon (I never heard of it either...sadly technically in the USA however!) Ordinance would keep sex offenders from living…
Police Abuse and worse -

Police Sexual Abuse - Reality In Today's America

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Back in the day the (most) police were honorable and fine Americans who citizens really could count on "to serve and protect" -  but not more! Now it's more like "to monitor and control."Parents - educating your child to this sad truth…
Money wasted monitoring sex offenders might have prevented this!

Watching ALL Those Sex Offenders in Florida Sure Are Keeping Kids Safe - NO

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The 17 kids killed today were not killed by a strange OR a sex offender. They were killed by another kid...someone they knew...just like the 98% of kids abused.It is a horrific event but the sad truth is that Florida is wasting precious…
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No Second Chance: "My boyfriend is a registered sex offender"

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Here is a case in point that clearly illustrates the damage of people being on the registry who clearly should NOT be. This also shows how each case must be looked at on its own just as each case represents a unique individual. There is no second…
Science -

How to prevent child sexual abuse: Know the myths and realities

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Salon is not a fringe website or a conservative fake new site. It is an objective, mainstream site covering a wide range of topics and is an excellent source of information.Here is a new article (Jan 4, 2018) although it is nothing they…
Mark Salling dead: Glee actor dies after pleading guilty to child pornography possession

‘Glee’ Star Mark Salling Commits Suicide While Awaiting Sentencing On Child Porn Charges

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Way to go American! Your so-called "justice" system has "killed" yet another young American!Yes -  yet another young American life needlessly ended. This tragic ending to this young man’s life was by his own hand. He choose death over…
Here is an example of the "J" a Jew was forced to have in their passports in Nazi Germany / Later 8 million of them would be dead

We’re Putting Sex Offender Stamps on Passports. Here’s Why It Won’t Curb Sex Tourism & Trafficking.

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An other great article with real facts (the supreme court might want to check it out) that prove registries don't work and actually do harm in a number of ways!Link To ArticleThe utter unAmerican action of marking a travel document with… - Exposing government lies about the registry

Government Shutdown - Here's Why!

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Real life really is stranger than today's America!Last Thursday night at 8 PM during dinner I hear a knock at my door while we are having dinner. I answer the door holding one of my barking chihuahuas in one hand and see an…