Ron Book seen in this Florida mug shot was arrested driving his Lamborghini drunk and endangering children's lives! February 25, 2019

Asshole – Ron Book gets booked for DUI (Hope he insured his crashed Lamborghini)!

Ron Book aka Ronald Lee Book (daddy of Florida Senator Lauren Book) never looked better! Such a warm caring humanitarian…not only does he have poor parenting skills but appears to be an irresponsible driver as well! Note to Ron: People like him who live in glass mansions should not throw stones!

Ron Book seen in this Florida mug shot was arrested driving his Lamborghini drunk and endangering children's lives! February 25, 2019

Ron Book aka Ronald Lee Book was arrested driving his Lamborghini drunk and endangering children’s lives! February 25, 2019

Glad to see he’s making enough money to afford a “nice car” … we all know where that money comes from – the backs of those he demonizes and persecutes – so called “sex offenders!”

He endangered lives with his reckless operation of a powerful car while drunk (I am certain it’s not the first time either – just the first time he was caught) … kinda puts everyone in his path in life-threatening danger including CHILDREN.

Here is a copy of his booking report – Click here
Florida Asshole – Ron Book Drunk Driving Police Booking Report – February 2019

Career advice to Senator Lauren Book:  This sex offender gig is totally played out and your “victim card” has been played 1 too many times. People are waking up and see that a sex offender registry does nothing BUT a DUI registry…there you go! Your daddy can be the first on the list! WIN – WIN

Not only will you always have a steady flow of new registrants to publicly shame and punish endlessly and it save a hell of a lot more children than the proven USELESS sex offender registry that has been you and your daddies meal ticket for so long!

Additional Info:

Broward Sheriff’s Office records show 66-year-old Ronald Lee Book was arrested Sunday on three DUI-related charges, including refusal to submit to a breath test and damage to property.

The SunSentinel reported Monday that Book was arrested after a crash involving the Lamborghini sports car he was driving.

Book’s clients include companies such as Ashbritt and AutoNation, nonprofits such as Best Buddies International, and government entities including Broward and Miami-Dade counties, at least 20 cities, and school boards and hospital districts. His daughter Lauren Book is a Democratic Florida state senator representing parts of Broward County.

Book was free on $1,500 bond. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

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