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Child Horror Story and NO Registered Sex Offenders Were Involved


13 Siblings Held Captive — How Did No One Else Know?

Let me explain since everyone seems mystified; this is exactly what I have been saying about how the sex offender registry actually hurts children by diverting attention from the real danger to children which is – drum roll please – people who the children already know – NOT STRANGERS! In this sickening case their very own parents!

So while law enforcement wastes your tax dollars going after the low hanging fruit (so-called sex offenders) who have already paid their debt to society horror stories like this occur. I hope law enforcement and those who created these useless inhuman laws can sleep at night after a day of checking on sex offenders on there useless registry while children like these are being tortured for years right under their noses!

Perhaps if the neighbors of these poor children who were starving and chained to their beds would have not been lulled into a false sense of security by government and law enforcemtne lies they would have been more alert to this terrible situation and these children could have been sparired years of abuse! The big lie is that watching so called sex offenders on the useless sex offender registry will make children safe. What a crock of shit! If the neighbors had not been lied to by the government and fooled into thinking that checking a website and looking at little red dots were (former sex offenders) live they might have noticed what their sick neighbors were up to!

Keep your head in the sand or face reality and the truth! SexOffenderTruth.com


13 Siblings Held Captive — How Did No One Else Know?

This should make everyone mad as hell and not take it anymore! Stop listening to the lies of how the sex offender registry keeps kids safe. Stop wasting resources and money monitoring former sex offenders who have already paid their debt to society! The overwhelming and vast majority of sex offenders do not need to be on a list for life. The sex offender registry continues to not only be useless but also cause damage not only to ex offenders but also to innocent children! Get rid of the registry and save some kids!

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