“Injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

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America is about freedom for ALL citizens. America is about equality for ALL citizens. America is about second chances for ALL citizens. 

Sex offender registries are nothing more than a political tool which has been abused by politicians and law enforcement to manipulate the general public with fear and provide a very false sense of security which actually makes more sex crimes easier to commit by diverting attention from those who actually commit sex crimes. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the state of Florida! By far the vast majority of victims know their abuser. “Stranger danger” is a catchphrase which is great advice for children but adults are not children and need actual information. The sex offender registry does not supply any useful information to keep children safe – it just provides a false sense of security and nothing more. Nothing more except for politicians who are adept at using emotional issues such as CHILDREN to manipulate the public with fear.

In theory the registry list was intended to provide a list of actively dangerous individuals convicted of a sex crime(s).

The idea of the list was that if they did “it” once they will do “it” again…so watch them. But just want is this IT that they did – certainly IT must be horrible right? It became a catch all listing for anything from peeing in a park to raping a baby. Most would understand that the two are very different crimes and yet both are treated as equal! This is a problem. Having the listing filled with victim-less crimes such as streaking, public nudity, possession (not production) of child porn and other low level crimes listed right along with violent crimes that do have a victim such as rape and molestation the list becomes bloated and useless. Combine that with the fact that in many states such as Florida, it is impossible to get off this list even when you have paid your “debt to society.” In Florida once you are on the list you are there for life even if you move out of the state or even the country! How does that help anyone protect their children – it doesn’t. It only gives the false appearance that there are actually more “sex offenders” than there really are. In other words the registry is a bloated useless mess, but politicians and law enforcement have done this by design. They don’t care about children – they only care about how they can be exploited and that fear benefits themselves.

In fact, it has the opposite effect on safely by giving a false sense of safety.

As previously stated, the vast majority of sex crimes are done not by individuals on a registry list but by persons known to the victim. This person is not a stranger. If a parent relies on this list to “protect” their child from a listed citizen they will not be watching out for the real potential danger of someone their child comes in contact with who is responsible for a child sex crime the vast majority of the time. Those on this deceptive registry are the least ones to fear and yet all the attention is given/diverted to them…smoke and mirrors folks.

So the registry list doesn’t work.

Why are they still around and why are they growing at an alarming rate. They are still around because the government and law enforcement have taken a page from the Nazi handbook of demonizing a group of people. The government is working on the second part of the Nazi’s plan by attempting to destroy the lives of those convicted (often innocent but take plea bargains). These people are used as an example of what the government can do to individual citizens who it deems as undesirable. Once labelled as such this group is used as a tool to spread fear and provide the illusion that the government is protecting children. Actually they are not concerned at all with child safety but only their own selfish greed for power.

This site will show the common lies that government and law enforcement tell you about sex offenders and the registry/list.

It will show the statistical lies used and the real motives behind this anti-american profiling and segregation of American citizens who have paid their debt to society and yet are not given a second chance. We are not talking about child rapist but rather some college kid who was “caught” pissing in a park. Why are those with victim-less crimes not allowed to move on? Why are they demonized? The true reasons will sicken you and make you wonder if you can trust anything the government tells you at all!

Lifetime punishment after you pay your “debt to society” is un-American. Registries are for dogs – not for Free American Citizens!

Those identified, classified, profiled, stereotyped and lumped with the worse of the worse and are no danger to anyone are deprived of the ability to move on as even murders are given. This group is demonized and feared because of lies. They are used as pawns for political manipulation of the masses. They should have the ability to get their lives back and not be sacrificed for the selfish motives of a few soulless politicians and profiteers of their suffering. That is not the American way! No it is not! This is a human rights violation being done to American citizens on American soil – IT MUST STOP!

Supreme Court Used FAKE Data!

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