Make America Great Again For ALL American Citizens…

Right now there are American citizens being abused using techniques of classification, stereotyping, profiling and dehumanization not seen since Nazi Germany and the segregation of African Americans in the USA! Even more shocking is that this is happening on American soil – nearly 1 million American citizens (men, women and children with more added daily) are put on so-called “sex offender registries.” The label “sex offender” is a generic meaningless term which could be anything from streaking or peeing in public to rape! Not really equal crimes but they are lumped together like they are! The main REAL reason is public shaming BUT there are even more sinister uses that the government and law enforcement don’t want you to know about these registries and the real reason they exist! (Spoiler Alert: it’s NOT to protect children!)

Sad but true. The ignorant masses are sheep

If the abuse of American citizens on American soil doesn’t bother you then stop reading – you are NOT a true American! Just keep your head in the sand until they come for you or a family member. If you DO care about American values such as the constitution, human rights, second chances and most of all the truth, then keep reading and find out how the government manipulates emotions using the lie of “child protection” but the ugly truth is they do not care about children at all, quite the opposite in fact!

Government and law enforcement deceptions about “sex offenders” actually increase the chance of your child being a victim (if you fall for the lies that is) and they know it but simply don’t care! All these un-American registry/lists do is create a second class citizen to fear. Why would the government want this? Keep reading to find out the reasons for yourself!

The government is no stranger to using propaganda to manipulate the masses. Whether it is using patriotism or emotions. What better way than to exploit the natural instinct to protect your child! By praying on parent’s innate drive to “protect” their offspring at ALL costs (including denial of reality) the government created a “boogeyman.” These dangerous individuals are lurking everywhere…the problem is that it is all a lie told NOT to protect children BUT to create diversion from what is really going on! By keeping parents in a constant state of fear and then making and claiming that the sex offender registry will show where these monsters are and you just avoid them. Sounds logical perhaps but it doesn’t work and it gets worse…it actually creates diverts attention from those most likely to victimize a child – Someone the child or family already knows – NOT a stranger!

This is especially true in the state of Florida where once on this unconstitutional list it is for LIFE – you can never get off of it and move on! Imagine peeing in a park and being charged with indecent exposure or for a prank streaking – Do those people really need to be monitored until the day they die? Do they really need to be put on a list (which we show doesn’t work and harms everyone) – So Unamerican – So Unfair – No second chance – Government keeps the public scared with the sex offender registry lies. They claim both safety and yet the need for fear – cognitive dissonance and worse, it gives the parent a false sense of security that allows those most likely to abuse a child (someone they or their family already know – not a stranger) the opportunity to do so!

Parent are told to check a map covered with little red dots – and their offspring will be fine. Doesn’t that seem a little too easy? Well that’s because it doesn’t work!


Actually by failing for this lie and checking your state’s online registry you will see dots all around you (oh look at all those scary red dots) and you will assume that these are the people who need watching and that there are thousands of them! Those dots can indicate anything from a 18 year old who had an 15 year old girlfriend or a guy who was set up in an online sting and entrapped yet convicted with no victim! Perhaps it’s a college guy who had to go and peed in the alley, better monitor those guys for life right! Dangerous criminals right! Wrong

You see the registry listing is useless for many reasons but the most insidious is the lie that your government is telling you and that is that it will help keep your child safe. It will only give you a false sense of security and you will let your guard down. The overwhelming majority of child abuse cases are done by someone you know and not a stranger. Must less a poor soul who has already been “caught” and entered a nightmare system…the last thing they want is trouble!

But why would the government do that – what do they get out of it. A LOT!

  • Makes the public easier to control with fear they are surrounded by danger that only the government can stop
  • Gives politicians the appearance that they are being “tough on crime.”
  • Tack on a new punishment to sex offender punishment and get other bills passed along with it!
  • Handy diversion for politicians when they want to hide something or divert attention from something else!
  • Provides law enforcement easy work to do and steady work (monitor and ever growing list for life)
  • Police have “low hanging fruit” to watch instead of having to work and find real criminals!
  • Helps the USA at #1 place for the country with the most citizens locked up in the world!

All of that at the expense of your children with the big lie that the registry works!

Are you mad now? If you call yourself a TRUE American you SURE better be! 

Most of all the sex offender registry is just plain un-American! 

In actuality when looked at from an true American point of view (which you would think that fucking government should view everything), the registry is the most Un-American thing there is!

  1. No second chance / No forgiveness
  2. No ability given to move on from a mistake
  3. Monitoring citizens for life
  4. Free but not free, restricted movement, banned from certain public areas
  5. No individuality as everyone is lumped together with a meaningless generic label of “sex offender” regardless of the so-called “crime” anything from looking at the wrong picture in the privacy of your home to rape all grouped together making an already useless list even more useless!

ALL of those are anti-american if you are a true American and believe in what our country ONCE stood for.

All of those values made America great and the country that others wanted to be citizens of…NO LONGER – the registry is actually just the start of the stripping of rights that has been going on for a (patriot act – what a bullshit name that is as it is the least patriotic and totally Un-American) long time and clearly is being accepted as the new “normal” by Americans overall…I guess as I don’t see any outrage at our passport being vandalized with lies stamped inside! Yes, more government lies about citizens…

What happened  to the America that once stood as a world role model of human rights and justice?

American Flag -
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King, Jr


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