Sad but true. The ignorant masses are sheep

Imagine American citizens classified and abused using techniques of stereotyping, profiling and dehumanization the likes of which have not been seen since the horrific Nazi Germany genocide and the shameful un-American segregation of African Americans!

Even more shocking is that this is happening right now on American soil! Nearly 1 million American citizens, men, women and children (with more added daily) are labelled using the generic and meaningless term of “sex offenders” and added to inhuman registries like animals.

What’s equally shocking is that a sex offense can be almost anything from harmless college pranks such as streaking or flashing, to peeing in a park and other victim-less “crimes” all the way to actual sex crimes such as molestation and rape!

These crimes are obviously NOT at all equal and yet, they are lumped together and those found guilty are treated as if they had done the worse thing possible when that is clearly not true! Imagine a 17 year old being charged with production of child porn for sending a nude selfie to his girlfriend – sounds crazy but that is exactly what happens!

Punishment and social shamming are the ONLY functions of the registry. ANYONE who says it is NOT blatant punishment is either misinformed or LYING!

The real reason is NOT public safety but rather public shaming – However there are even more sinister uses the government and law enforcement don’t want you to know about those labelled “sex offender” and these unconstitutional registries. (Spoiler Alert: It is NOT to protect children!) 

Sex offender registries have become nothing more than political tools used to emotionally manipulate the public with proven lies. They unconstitutionally punish American citizens who have paid their debt society and should be allowed to move on but they are not – So what is really going on?

If the abuse of American citizens on American soil doesn’t bother you then stop reading – you are NOT a true American! Just keep your head in the sand until they come for you or a family member. If you DO care about American values such as the constitution, human rights, second chances and most of all the truth, then keep reading and find out how the government manipulates emotions using the lie of “child protection” but the ugly truth is they do not care about children at all, quite the opposite in fact!

The government is no stranger to using propaganda to manipulate the masses. Whether it is using patriotism or emotions. What better way than to exploit the natural instinct to protect your child! By exploiting/praying on parent’s innate/natural drive to “protect” their offspring at ALL costs (including the denial of reality) the government created a “boogeyman” called sex offenders.

You are told these dangerous individuals are lurking everywhere…the problem is that it is all a total LIE told NOT to protect children BUT to create diversion! By keeping parents in a constant state of fear and then making and claiming that the sex offender registry will show where these monsters are and you just avoid them. Sounds logical perhaps but it doesn’t work and it gets worse…it actually creates diverts attention from those most likely to victimize a child – Someone the child or family already knows – NOT a stranger!

Parents are told to check a map covered with little red dots – doesn’t that seem a little too easy? It is because it doesn’t work!


Some Inconvenient Truths

By actually failing for this lie and checking your state’s online registry you will see dots all around you (oh look at all those scary red dots) and you will assume that these are the people who need watching and that there are thousands of them! Those dots can indicate anything from a 18 year old who had an 15 year old girlfriend or a guy who was set up in an online sting and entrapped yet convicted with no victim! Perhaps it’s a college guy who had to go and peed in the alley on the way home, better monitor those guys for life right! Dangerous criminals right! Wrong

You see the “sex offender” registry is useless for many reasons but the most insidious is the lie that your government is telling you and that is that it will help keep your child safe. It will only give you a false sense of security and you will let your guard down. The overwhelming majority of child abuse cases are done by someone you know and not a stranger. Must less a poor soul who has already been “caught” and entered a nightmare system…the last thing they want is trouble!

But why would the government do that – what do they get out of it. A LOT!

  1. Makes the public easier to control with fear that they are surrounded by danger to their kids!
  2. Gives politicians the appearance that they are being “tough on crime”!
  3. Tack on a new sex offender regulation/punishment and get other bills passed along with it!
  4. Handy diversion for politicians when they want to hide something or divert attention from something else!
  5. Provides law enforcement easy work to do and steady work (monitor an ever growing list)!
  6. Police have “low hanging fruit” to watch instead of having to work and find real criminals!
  7. Helps the USA keep 1st place for the country with the most citizens locked up in the world!

All of that at the expense of your children’s safety with the big lie that the registry works!

Are you mad now? If you call yourself a TRUE American you SURE better be! 

Most of all the sex offender registry is just plain un-American! 

In actuality when looked at from an true American point of view the registry is VERY un-American!

  1. No second chance / No forgiveness
  2. No ability given to move on from a mistake
  3. Monitoring citizens for life
  4. Free but not free, restricted movement, banned from certain public areas
  5. No individuality – everyone is lumped together with a meaningless generic label of “sex offender” with no regard to individual circumstances making an already useless list even more useless!
  6. Registry simply based on lies – true Americans value the truth!

ALL of those are un-American if you are a true American and believe in what this country ONCE stood for.

All of those values made America great and the country that others wanted to be citizens of…NO LONGER – the registry is actually just the start of the stripping of rights that has been going on for a (patriot act – ironic don’t you think as it is and totally Un-American) long time and sadly is being accepted as the new “normal” by Americans!

What happened  to the America that once stood as a world role model of human rights and justice?

American Flag -
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

In Florida Ron and Lauren Book are a father daughter pair who have made a living off his daughter being molested by someone he hired. Someone by the way who was NOT listed on any useless registry but just as with nearly ALL sex offences on children, was done by someone the victim knew – just as in her case.

Below is a video compilation of Ron Book and his daughter Senator Lauren Book spewing their hate filled rhetoric. Here are some of assorted appearances where you can view these hate mongers for yourself…Watch them lie time and time again.

Watch him point to dots on a map showing where so-called “sex offenders” live when the reality is that HALF THE PEOPLE on the Florida sex offender registry DO NOT EVEN LIVE IN FLORIDA! Hey Ronnie – How’s that FACT for ya? Really makes it all about punishment doesn’t it.

Kind of negates the blatant lie about the registry being a “tool” to check on “sex offenders” in your neighborhood doesn’t it. But these 2 have never let inconvenient things like reality, facts, or truth get in their way. They prefer to let hate filled rhetoric propel Lauren Book’s political career. So grab your popcorn and watch as the lies just keep on flowing from their mouths like so much verbal diarrhea…

The Ron Book’s Comedy Special – Greatest Hits


Government and law enforcement deceptions about “sex offenders” actually increase the chance of a child being a victim and they know it but simply don’t care! All these un-American registry/lists do is create a second class citizen to fear and as an added bonus they hurt children!

Why would those in government such as Lauren Book want to do this clearly un-American profiling of citizens if it is untrue and actually does nothing to help keep children safe? Because of all the reasons outlined above – for their selfish personal enrichment at the expense of others!

Sex Offender Truth - Stop The Lies!

OK – so you can now see exactly where the Books got the instructions on spreading their hate toward a small group of scapegoats…sounds familiar doesn’t it! Unfortunately every state and certainly the federal government has hate-filled opportunistic parasites like the Books who do the same thing.

Ron Book and Lauren Book

The hate filled lies just keep on coming…


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